Ctrl+$: Apply Currency Formatting in Excel

In Excel, type a number into a cell (such as “54.1”) and press Enter. Then press Ctrl+Shift+4 (or another way to think of that is Ctrl+$). Instantly the currency format is applied to the selected cells, and your “54.1” becomes “$54.10”.

You have quite a few other options as well:

  • Ctrl+~ (Ctrl+Shift+`): General format
  • Ctrl+! (Ctrl+Shift+1): Number format (with two decimal places and the thousands separator)
  • Ctrl+@ (Ctrl+Shift+2): Time format
  • Ctrl+# (Ctrl+Shift+3): Date format
  • Ctrl+$ (Ctrl+Shift+4): Currency format
  • Ctrl+% (Ctrl+Shift+5): Percentage format
  • Ctrl+^ (Ctrl+Shift+6): Exponential format

One thought on “Ctrl+$: Apply Currency Formatting in Excel”

  1. Hello sir,i applied for unhide the raw or column but does not work (Cltr+Shift+0).So plz tell me other short cut key for unhide the raw or column in windows 7.

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