Left Shift + Left Alt + Print Screen: High Contrast Mode

You can toggle on or off the High Contrast Mode of Windows by holding down both the Shift key and the Alt key on the left side of your keyboard then tapping the Print Screen (PrtScrn) key.

High Contrast mode will increase the font size for all windows and buttons as well as change your color scheme.

6 thoughts on “Left Shift + Left Alt + Print Screen: High Contrast Mode”

  1. FWIW, it appears that this affects only the title bars, menus, and some text within the screens. For instance, I noticed it didn’t increase the size/readability of text within FF, but it did in crease the size of folder names in Outlook and similarly various text within some other apps. (I suppose you’ve already written about the ctrl-+/- shortcut for increasing/decreasing text size within FF.)

  2. The reason it doesn’t affect some or most (debatable, based on programs you use) third-party applications is that they aren’t made to support Windows, instead being designed for multiple platforms, such as your experience with FF.

  3. I can use the key stroke short cut to turn high contrast on and off, but how do I get the dialogue boxes to also appear in high contrast. I am uing windows 8.1

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