Windows key+R: Run / Suspicious calls to “fix Windows”

The “Run” dialog box from the Windows Start menu is a handy way to open an application or document. Usually you would select it from the Start menu, but a shortcut is to press the Windows key and R.

Once you’ve got the Run dialog box open, you can type in the name of a program and then Enter. Here are some popular ones:

  • cmd: Command prompt for running DOS-style commands
  • notepad: The Notepad app
  • sol: Solitaire
  • winword: Microsoft Word
  • calc: the Calculator

You can also open directories by pressing Win+R, then typing the directory name (such as C:\TEMP) and pressing Enter.

More recent versions of Windows also let you type in a URL, such as, and it will open in a browser automatically.

EDIT FOR FEB, 2012: Megan asked in the comments how you know what to type. There is not an easy way, because there’s no definitive list. What happens is that Windows will look through a list of directories (known as your “path“) for an application (that is, a program file ending in .com or .exe) that matches the name you typed. If you view the properties of the shortcuts, you can find the program name. If you look in your Microsoft Office folder (such as C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14) you will see Applications, such as POWERPNT.EXE. So then you know what to type next time.

EDIT FOR JUNE, 2013: From the comments below, a lot of you are getting suspicious calls telling you to run various commands using the Win+R key. As a rule of thumb, even if the command is safe, NO ONE FROM A COMPANY CALLED “WINDOWS” WILL EVER CALL YOU ABOUT A VIRUS. Just hang up on them and ignore the call. Most likely the caller is a scam artist who will try to convince you that your computer has a virus or is otherwise doing bad things, and then magically they happen to know this information somehow, and also magically they happen to be able to sell you a solution. You should never trust people who cold-call you with such information. Instead, get someone you trust to check out your computer.

Good practices:

  1. Never trust anything that is being told to you over the phone/email from someone contacting you about your computer.
  2. Never run commands that you don’t know 100% what they do (especially if a stranger is telling you to run them).
  3. Never give your credit card over the phone to any stranger who called you.

EDIT FOR JAN 2015: It’s amazing to me how long this scam has been running and how many comments this post gets. I stand by the advice of just hanging up, or saying “please remove me from your list and don’t call me again” and then hang up.

EDIT FOR SEP 2019: It’s still going! Wow.

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    1. 1/28/2016 — Had many of these calls several years ago and two again this New Year. Must be in full force and profitable if they are continuing or reviving the practice. I ask the caller to consider their ethics and then I hang up.

      1. I JUST got a cold call like this and had NEVER heard of this scam before however……I’m a fairly intelligent person and I KNEW he was a scammer it didn’t make any sense. And I was not going to TOUCH my computer for him. I figured something having to do with the bios or even maybe wiping the hard drive. Irregardless I guess this scam is still going strong! Hang up!

        1. Me too last week but they told me to go to there website.They gave me the wrong address. When I found the website it was already blocked for scamming and stealing info. This is an extension for Firefox called WOT,I also have McAfee, and Avg, They told me to disable my antivirus. Yea, from New York

          1. You are not suppose to run 2 virus programs at the same time, because they can collide.. some virus and some anti-malware programs can you use at the same time, and more and more they telling you If you have more then one and that they want you to remove it.

        2. i just got this scam same “fix your windows” SCAM from a caller showing Redlands, Ca, phone number 909-894-5456. I didn’t trust him (a foreigner I could hardly understand), so I hung up and then didn’t pick up when he kept calling back.

          1. Just had some characters pawning themselves off as Microsoft, telling me my PC had a virus, and trying to get me to use Windows+R . I kept telling them that we could walk through the steps before I actually did it, but when they would not do that I hung up the phone. The phone number was 313 031 7667, which turns out to be bogus.

          1. According to Merriam-Webster, “irregardless” is a word simply because people use it, but it is characterized as “substandard” and M-W cautions that people who use it run the risk of others thinking they are uneducated.

          2. Really? On this site where people are needing help? Come on, people do not need correcting at this point. Give it a rest.

          3. I just got a call From Ontario, Canada and the guy said he was from the Windows Server Center. He told me my computer had viruses and was running slow. He wanted me to press the Windows key and the letter R. Little did he know that I went to school for Computer Programming and he wasn’t getting one over on me!!

          4. I received a similar call claiming to be from Microsoft (caller ID 844-840-3085) and saying my PC serial number was connected to a report they received from my computer saying my computer had been “compromised” with viruses. They also told me to hold the windows key while pressing the letter “R”.
            However, Microsoft does not make such outgoing calls unless as a response to an issue previously called into them. My caller said his name was Dean and his direct number was (844) 738-8077.

            Just so happens that irregardless IS A WORD, an adverb.

          5. Yes, ‘Irregardless’ Is a Word | HuffPost

            Dec 13, 2013 – It’s telling that of the Oxford English Dictionary’s eight citations of the word, two merely cite the word in other dictionaries, three more are mentions or citations in linguistics or literary journals, and one more appears to be using the word ironically. … So yes, irregardless is a word, even though it’s nonstandard.

          6. irregardless
            Is irregardless a word?: Usage Guide
            Irregardless was popularized in dialectal American speech in the early 20th century. Its increasingly widespread spoken use called it to the attention of usage commentators as early as 1927. The most frequently repeated remark about it is that “there is no such word.” There is such a word, however. It is still used primarily in speech, although it can be found from time to time in edited prose. Its reputation has not risen over the years, and it is still a long way from general acceptance. Use regardless instead.

          7. Not a lot of people know this but “Irregardless” is an old Scottish word which was in common usage in the 17 century.
            King Jamie the Saxt uses it twice in his grim book “Daemonologie” and there are (admittedly obscure) records of it being used in the American colonies after that, no doubt by Scottish settlers.
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            Of course, the most memorable use of the Scots double-positive is the famous comment made by Sir Grundig MacAfee, first Professor of data processing and computer studies at Edinburgh University, on hearing that little-known English arithmetician, Charles Babbage, was claiming to have invented the computer in 1833.
            Sir Grundig’s astonished response “Aye right” is still used to this day by incredulous Scots though he did add, as an ironic reference to the stance of his fellow mathematicians in the St Andrew’s dispute, “so ey didnae!”

        3. LOL……Just had one of these calls ( from ” Talk Talk “)……..kept him on the phone for twenty minutes !!………then I just hung up !!

          1. Just this second had a call. Pretended computer in attic climbing three flights of stairs, then PC takes five minutes to load plus lots of sorry don’t understand you (which I didn’t) generally wasted his time. Got passed to three engineers!! You could sense their excitement.!! Finally told him that a message was now on PC saying “fu#& off and stop wasting my time. What are they after is it bank passwords etc? PS I haven’t got a PC at the mo, only phone

          2. I feel absolutely sick, just happened to me, said they were from talktalk, i believed them, as i have had probs with my computer, so that is why. I wished to god i hadnt, They were on the phone for 2hours, it got bad when they started asking about my paypal accounts, I told them it was secure n sum how they got my card details?? I noticed my computer was working on its own, i have had to cancel my bank cards, eventually they hung up on me

        4. Yep I knew it was a scam the first time but I decided to not get angry but just have some fun instead. I wasn’t even close to my computer but told her I was. She says “Press down the Windows key and R at the same time and tell me what you see. I took a few seconds (as if I were actually doing it). Then I answered “Wow! it is a big yellow caution sign saying that some moron is trying to scam you while claiming to be with Microsoft Windows!!” Silence….Dead cold silence….LMBO

          1. Same here tonight. I must tell you I called him a fing ass@Ole! Then hung up. This was I was passed from manager to Manger. Already know it was a scam so led them along. Do you know he called me right back and told me it’s against the law to curse on the phone. I said not as illegal to scam People!
            I am in the process of reporting them to Verizon, because all the #same they call from are verizon issued.

          2. i kept putting them off and they were very persistent in calling me back. eventually, I got bumped up to a sr. tech. I was able to get him, Don Rex Rod to give me his personal bank account information from Wells Fargo.

          3. I love this! They just called me, and I told them that I was at work, and I am not messing with their computer. I will do it when I get home, and then I Googled what Windows + R means. It sounded like a scam. It was an email address that I don’t really use anyway.

        5. I realize this is a really old post, and I hesitate to seem rude but @Andrea, if you profess to be a fairly intelligent person, you should very strongly consider not using the word “irregardless.”

        1. I just had this a**hat call me. So I pretended to be worried, said I was doing as he asked but nothing came up. He asked me to do it again I said I did but nothing came up. He said then you have a virus. “Oh no, what should I do” He said you will have to pay $500 by VISA. I told him to hold on so I could get the card but he hung up. So sad. Just when I was having fun

          1. Oh yes. This is also what I do. While he was waiting, I put the phone near a radio and go make a cup of coffee.

        2. They just called me about 20 minutes ago, and I asked for their names, and I got the name of Derek, David, and Joe Johanson. They refused to tell me what the “Error code” I supposedly got was. Their number always comes up as either Unknown, or Private for me.

        3. I also had this same type of Indian sounding guy to hit window and R button. He said his name is Pieter William (wat an indian name) and he is from Microsoft technical support team! calling from Florida (i checked the time 05:30 there in the morning ) So I hanged up. Don’t and never trust this fucking, son of bitch people!!!

          1. Just had an indian accent guy named peter who called from dell saying they couldn’t send updates. Wanted me to hit windows ‘Run” with some program. I asked for a call back number and he hung up.

        4. i had a similar call tonight on my home phone and one last Friday on my cell phone. Wanted me to press the windows button and “r” at the same time because my Dell computer is “sending out notifications to Dell that there are malicious ‘incriptions” on it [my computer]… and all Dells are connected to 1 data base [which is how he knows what is going on with my computer]… and “my IP address is open and someone else is accessing my IP”. wow.

        5. Mar 23 2017. just had that same interaction. Some kinda window froze my pc, but my defender program took over and got me through.

          1. I just received a call like this today, with the caller telling me to press Ctrl R and I would see how hackers are trying to get into my computer (hackers like themselves). I’m sorry I didn’t copy down the number they were calling from ; it appeared on my television screen but it didn’t stay on for long. They sounded as if they were from Asia and told me I had to purchase a protection plan. I told them I already had one.

        6. Just had the same thing… tried to get them to explain what that would do, and what the next steps would be, but it was clearly bogus.. hung up on the dirtbags…

        7. Scam still running. I was ohoned up by an Indian guy today and he said he was from British Telecom and that I had “people” hacking my e mails and the only cure was to press CTRL Win and R. Rather ammusing as my phone service isnt provided by BT. I did the usual and kept him talking for 20 mins or so to stop him taking advantage of anyone else for that time. I ghot passed to a “floor manager” eventually and accused him of being aFing scam artist. He hung up on me. Please colleagues avoid giving me advice on my linguistics or oarataxis – youll have to forgive me but Im working class

      2. i am not impressed with computers, id rather play card games, maybe break some peewee marbles with a good toebreaker cats eye instead of cultures with my lame ass online computer

      3. I just got a call today about the same thing. I talked to the guy for 5 minutes to prevent him from scamming anyone else (at least for a little while) before he started getting impatient with me and I had to get him to take me off the list. The number came up on my phone as invalid, 965-843-5354. He said he worked for “windows” when I asked if he meant Microsoft he said yes, that one. lolz

        1. I got the call today-knew it was a scam and played him for as long as I could asking how they my computer was talking to them, how were they messaging me because I wasn’t getting any messages-told him I was getting messages through messanger from my friends. Finally told him goodbye when he kept insisting I press the control r key

      4. I’ve had 4 calls on this in the last 24 hours. When asked they would provide me a phony employee ID and even the supposed license key for my microsoft laptop. The trick is, I don’t own a windows system. I’ve been Apple only for several years now. I spent 5 minutes trying to get the last caller to understand I didn’t have a windows laptop for him to hack. Just hang up, not worth the time arguing with a brick wall and a script.

      5. they just called my work phone stating my windows PC had a virus and to perform these steps. UN-luckily for him, i work in an IT department, and i work off a Macbook Pro, NOT a Windows machine.
        obviously the call was immediately suspicious, but i led him on for a few minutes just to waste his time like he wasted mine. the best part was after he told me repeatedly to press the windows and R button at the same time…i waited about 3 minutes, played stupid, then broke the news to him that i work off a MACBOOK PRO and i work in an IT department and i knew he was full of SHt. NEVER trust ANYTHING or ANYONE who calls and asks you to do something like this. TOTAL scam. these scumbags…how can they sleep knowing they screw innocent people over. unbelievable.

      6. In europe they keep making these calls. I kept the folks going trying to explain there are no keys on the bottom of my keyboard, neither on the left side. When I said nothing happened when i finally pressed the windows + R key they passed me to the Senior Technical Engineer who explained I should be typing google. I reverted that there are no keys on the bottom of my keyboard so how could I type google. After playing dummy for some more I had a huge argument that the computer was not owned by me and that it was owned by my company. That took a long time as well…hilarious. I really look forward to the next Indian calling me. He then advised me to type eamviewer in the google search bar. He definitely forgot the letter T. So off course google finds teamviewer. I then suggested that I would discuss this in my team with my boss as the computer is not owned by me. Long silence. He then said that my boss should not know how to fix the unsecure issue of the internet. Then we had a discussion that its indeed not safe but if you dont buckle up in your car its not safe to drive. Again that was at least another 10 minutes of fun. I then suggested that my boss could discuss the situation maybe with his boss with the name of Mr. Gates. He kept telling me this was not wise. I asked if he knew who mr Gates was. Long silence. When he figured it out he hung up.
        Mad that this is still not under control in India. This has been going on since 2011 if I read the earlier posts. They apparently know where these boys and girls call from, why not shut the pbx dow for the originating call or whatever???

    2. I tied this guy up for 10 minutes when he called my cell. I was waiting in traffic and told him I was on my computer. When he told me to hit win r I told him my mouse stopped working and harassed the sh_t out of him, asked for and got his “supervisor”, and harassed him too. It was all I could not to laugh out loud at these mental midgets.

      1. I just received the call and googled and found this scam. it’s 5 pm in Arizona and this guy was obviously from India. I strung him along and then hung up on him. He promptly called me back this time the caller ID said Quebec Canada. I played along a little longer and then said I’d have to do it later and hung up again. I wasn’t sitting in traffic, so not as patient at Tag :-) Bad people make me mad.

      2. I have done something similar and kept him tied up for almost 30 min. My latest was to tell him to call another number which I gave him (the Va State Police #)because my wife had the computer in another house. The computer was off of course. Waste his time, confuse him, curse him, lie to him, etc.

    3. James Osika-Michales This is the information on the person that just called me and tried to get me to push the windows+r keys I have reported the number.
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    4. I received one today, 206-454-7687 Indians dialect, I had her on phone for a good ten minutes, telling her I was confused about all windows, I have STORM WINDOWS because it is cold where I live, she kept asking what was on my screen after she told me to hit cntl R both at same time, which I never did, in fact my computer wasn’t even on.

    5. So glad that you guys had this posted when I just received the phone call stating that there was something wrong with my computer I kind of figured it was a scam how would anybody know if my computer is broken then they stated my email address but it was one I use years ago so I knew it must have been a scam so as they were telling me what to do I looked up Windows key + r and got this information thanks a bunch I probably would have hurt my computer and had to pay to get it fixed

    6. A guy called me using +18448077555, he said he was calling me in regards to my Microsoft windows’ account. Knowing I have a MacBook, I decided to play along. He told me to open my computer and hold down the windows key and r and I should type and I should read the info I see on my screen to him. I played along for a while before telling him I know it is a scam that he should give his heart to Jesus. He then told me to speak English; mistake 1. I am a native English speaker and mind you he was speaking to someone else at the other end in another language. Then I was like, I should be saying that to you because I once told him to enunciate better cos he was mumbling at some point. He then asked if I was from China or I was Spanish, I then clearly told him I am from neither but He should fix his life and get himself together. Long story short, he ended the call on me.

    7. I just received this scam call from 371-340-0825 at 3:45 PM on August 9, 2017. Said he was from Microsoft and I had serious problems with Windows. He called back three times in a row.

      1. I just got one too. Phone number is 516-203-5981, out of New York I guess, he said his name was David. Apparently something was wrong with the “internal securities” on my computer. He woke me up so he kind of caught me off guard at first:) The timing of these people with me… lol. I am in a process of exchanging some damaged hardware for one of our clusters at work, had another server recently compromised and my personal laptop harddrive failed and they sent me replacement, so silly me, I was trying to figure out which of the above issues he was calling about. He kept rubbing those internal securities though:) Had fun with him for good 5 min after I realized he wasn’t gonna solve my real problems

    8. Thanks for posting this. It is Sept. 6, 2017 and i just got the same call from a guy with an Indian accent from “Windows Tech Support” who said he worked for Microsoft. Said his number was 844/308-3439; caller ID showed 844/809-3436. He asked me to do the same thing. How can we report these guys so they can be prosecuted or at least stopped? How did they get my cell phone number?

  1. How do you know what commands to type into the box? For example, “winword” is Microsoft Word, but what about Microsoft Powerpoint? What if you wanted to open other applications? Is there a way to check what the command is?

  2. What If you get a strange call saying “My server has detected a virus on your computer. Don’t use your internet” then they tell you to press the windows key plus r and then type in cookies? Is that suspicious?

    1. Yes, September 2016 and they still doing it!!
      Interesting new twists but still same….interested in how they detected my windows software on my ipad. Keep wanting me to hot Windows plus R……DIDNT TELL THEM I HAVE HAD APPLE PRODUCTS SINCE SYMANTEC FAILED US SEVERAL YEARS AGO ?…..they had wrong Protection package as well.

  3. Yeah, that’s suspicious. I don’t know what the “cookies” program would do, but Win+R is the Run command. Cookies doesn’t do anything on my system, though.

  4. Received a call from someone with a heavy Indian accent claiming to be from Microsoft in New York; he indicated their system had detected a virus on my system. He called to help me remove said virus. The first step, he said, was to press the WinKey+R to open a window showing all the infected files. Beware of such calls.

  5. I had same call about them detecting virus on my PC, with heavy Indian accent. First call I hung up, then she called back so I questioned her about accessing my pc ( in my case pc’s not that she knew) and the legitimacy of the company calling. I was given a website universal pc bla bla bla. Then she was a little agitated, said goodbye and hung up. Watch out for these fuckers, the do a start+R and some shit, I didn’t do it and advise you not to either.

  6. I had a call from a guy with an Indian accent. He told me to do Windows + R
    I just kept saying yes. Dude kept calling me mom lol.

    1. I just had the exact same thing. He keeps saying that he is from Windows, and that my license is invalid and someone is trying to hack my pc.

  7. what did he say, he said the same thing to me, i forgot the words he said, windows+r+(some words)…if u guys remember can you tell me

    1. i had someone call telling me to hit windows R and they had an indian accent, I’m glad they called because my version of windows was running wide open and after I ran some txt files that did some stuff disappeared I don’t have to worry about my computer being hacked, it defiantly is hacked, and I’m LOVING IT.

  8. just had a call and he asked my hit windows and r then asked me to type a word that began with F but i couldnt understand fully and then also the word charlie but was on a private number so i hung up and then they rung once or twice more and now stopped but they said some hackers had hacked into my computer and where DOING BAD THINGS.

  9. I got the window + R key call from a man with a Indian accent…I did it BUT did not type the word I was given (eventvw)..Help…am I at any risk?? thanks.

  10. Just had the indian guy calling me asking me also about to do a RUN on my computer. He went as far as giving me a name of his supervisor gary wilson calling from california about error reports on windows gave me a phone number 209-813-2727 and a supposedly mine windows ID. All went to hell when I asked how he got my phone number since it’s not attached to any of my computers and that I was not sure which computer he wanted me to look at. Heavy accent almost impossible to understand. They did try hard though…LOL…

    1. I open my browser and as soon as I type anything in it says to call this # ….
      Obviously I know something is up with this but I can’t close it out, I click OK and it pops back up! These lowlife people need to get a real job!!

      1. Same thing happened to me today. My pc had a huge full screen pop up prompted me to call the 800 number for Microsoft. Indian guy tells me to press windows r and type something in. I get suspicious & hang up. Terrible scam

      2. Don’t call that #, it’s a scam #. To get rid of that notice simply press Cntrl, Alt and Delete at the same time. Log out of your computer-shut down and the restart. It should be gone.

        1. Hey thanks for the sharing. Unlucky me got dumped with this. So once i pressed Cntrl, Alt and Delete at the same time, and shut down and restart, my laptop shud have disconnected from the scammer is it? And i willthen be fully safe by then right? Or shudi still format my laptop or else? Hope toget reply for this a.s.a.p since i am the current victim. Jz happened to me 2 days ago

  11. Happened to me too, just today. I went along with the Indian guy to amuse my self haha then I yelled at him for a couple minutes and click. I have been getting at least 5 calls a day from freaking India its getting annoying already.

  12. Just got a called from a guy with an indian accent also, I asked him how he knew my computer was infected and he said because my IP number is connected to my phone number and that’s how they know. I let him continue to tell me that they have detected a virus on my windows software program and that they were there to help me. he asked me to press winkey and R at the same time. At this point I tell him that I have a MAC and he hung up immediately. A friend told me that she asked the guy to tell her, what her IP number was. He told her that it was confidential and she said “but you just told me it was my IP number how can’t you tell me what it is? The guy hung up the phone.

  13. Same story – press Windows Ky and R. There was lots of background noise with many calls be made. I asked how they could prove they were from microsoft? “Press the keys and you will see all the viruses affecting your computer and then you will know” – I don’t think so.

  14. Got the call today 5/20/13 heavy asian accent female. Said to press Windows key + R. Then type in “INF Virus Folder”. I said I did not believe they were from Microsoft. They hung up on me. What would that have done to my computer? Would Norton Internet Security have protected me?

  15. just received a call from some guy telling me I have a virus and to hit the windows and r key said ok I am not stupid and that he would be hacking my computer and boy did he go off on me and used language that no man should ever say i put him on speaker so my husband could hear him with that my husband said oh yeah and he became nastier to my husband using the same remarks

  16. I got the same call here. I did to him what I do to all of the guys who call to tell me I’ve won Millions of dollars plus a baby blue Lexus. I play stupid. My windows are crashing? They look fine to me. Press the window key. Your silly, windows don’t have keys. They slide. I get them so flustered it’s hilarious.

  17. I just received the call as well. I played along for a while. It was kind of fun to mess with them. He said, “take one finger and press the windows key and take the other finger and press R”. I said, “I’ll take my finger and do that if he takes his finger at the same time and sticks it up his ass.” Then I told him to go EFF himself. He hung up. oh… what fun!

  18. I received this same call today, but did do the windows + r, then entered eventvw, did put in my email address, then eventually hung up. Can I erase anything now that may have been exposed, or should I take my computer down to local computer store so they can erase anything to prevent hacking?

    1. I have had the same and I too hit the windows key and r, got the run diag box then typed in ‘eventvwr’ It showed all the at risk entries on my computer. Did your computer suffer from this input? I am fearful I have introduced a virus.

  19. Got a call just now – very noisy, very Indian, name – Jamas William and his phone number is 00242423701522. He told me he was from Microsoft and it was their obligation to let me know that somehow I had downloaded spyware and malware from the Internet. When he told me to hold the Windows key and R I guessed something was up … put him on speaker while I did a search and found out on Microsoft that this is a common scam. Thanked him and hung up. He was very convincing so to all who did what you were told, don’t feel bad about being caught in this web.

  20. Just got the same call. played along with the guy for 10 minutes. He had and Indian accent. I got him to spell his name which apparently was “John Davison”… I don’t think so, haha. Said he was from Windows at the Sydney (Australia) site so I asked for him number which he said was 9252678747. This is clearly not a Sydney number so I questioned it, then he said that was the global number from California USA. When he finally cottoned on that I was not doing what he asked, he said “do you want me to spell ‘fuck’ for you”. Made me laugh. He eventually hung up. LOL

  21. Just got a call from “Brad” who said he was in Clifton, New York and had a very heavy Indian accent. Same as above, press windows key and R and tell him what it says. I asked what train stop he gets off to get to work. He read me the address from the website and wanted to put me through to his supervisor. Check the website and spelling errors (remort support). He told me he would tell me my licensing number as well. So annoying!

  22. Happend at my job today Heavy indian accent calling from “the New York City” lmfao it was funny cause the whole office got into messing with these people we kept putting him on hold so another person could pick up it was really funny screw those people!! at the end my Boss blew a horn into the phone and hung up ha they havn’t called back since

  23. I had a call from a man with a strong Indian/American accent, I kept him on the line for ages delaying him to annoy him. I said I was doing what he asked on my computer, until the point when he said what is showing on your screen, I said Ummmm it says F..K OFF…. he said no it doesn’t mam it says Suckl my C..k and abused him and hung up!! Why can’t someone put a stop to these pests

  24. BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE!!!! I got all the same as many posts. They actually called twice when the first time I claimed I could not understand them. Heavy accented Indian man calling from Premium Support Technology or something close to that in California. Claiming to be authorized by windows. Same story, infected computer blah, blah, blah. I asked a bunch of questions as I tried to quickly research them. They wanted me to do the window+R. I finally asked if they thought I was stupid. That I would just do as they say so they could hack into my computer. I do not know them, do they really think I would just trust a stranger calling. To which he said “YOU ARE A F**KING STUPID GIRL” and hung up on me. I wish someone would track them down and put a stop to this online harassing.

  25. Same call happened to me today. I played along and finally said “do you think I’m stupid” to which he replied yes! I then let rip at the nasty little…….Indian.

  26. Just got off the phone with some guy telling me the same as everyone else has heard. Told him NOTHING. Finally I ask him to give me his phone number where I could reach him and that was the end of the conversation. Microsoft aught to be checking these guys out because they are using them to try to get into our computers.

  27. Had the call from a heavily accented Asian lady who asked if my computer was switched on, I said ‘Yes’. She then, in a very long winded way, tried to persuade me to press WinR, I said that it was impossible, it wasn’t until 20 minutes later I told her that although my computer was switched on, I was in fact 15 miles away driving my car. LOL :-)

  28. Which company’s services for land line or mobile phones/internet are you guys using? Because i had these calls last week and am wondering how did they get hold of my phone number? It seems like a systematic flaw or a systematic fraud with possibility of a rat inside?

  29. Got the same call, reported to Microsoft. They gave me a number which surprisingly did call them back. 1-800-347-9066 . They are Indians who speak bad English.

  30. Just had the same call from an unavailable number. Told him I wanted him to speak to my IT department at which point he lost interest.

    Presume they’re just trying to sell their services?

  31. LOL. I just had a call. Had one about a month ago and kept them on the ph for ages. They only gave up when I asked was it a record to keep them on the phone for their bullshit call for half an hour.
    Tonight I acted dumb. “No I cant see the key next to CTRL as it’s dark and I don’t have my glasses on. Oh, not my tablet. OK Yes I do have a PC.” Then she started talking real slow like I was a complete idiot. Said turn on my PC and I asked which one as I had 4. She said doesn’t matter they all have malicious software on them. OMG I said, then asked her for her ph number. She said she was not giving me her ph number so then I said real slow…it doesn’t matter. We have been on the phone long enough for your call to be traced and I will now call…….beep, beep, beep…call gone LOL

  32. I just received the same call from an “unavailable” number and a guy was a very think Indian accent from “24/7 ITEC Solution” said that my computer was infected and sending their company error messages and that it was about to “crash at any moment”. He then said the normal, is my computer on, am I in front of it, hit WIN+R, etc. when I asked him how I had a relationship with his company, he said that when I bought my computer I’d entered into a contract with his company. I said “Right, because I have an open-ended contract with your company that’s cost me nothing for 5+ years and I have no records of.” Being at work at the time and not wanting to fool with this nonsense, I decided to just jet him know the jig is up – I have my own IT department, this is a scam, and the call is being recorded. Oddly enough, he immediately hung up.
    Some things never change – the sun goes up, the sun goes down, and the evil will try to prey on the weak. Internet 101: If you didn’t contact them, they’re not legit, and if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, DON’T DO IT.

  33. I got the call from a guy with a thick Indian accent (1-877-253-2008 if you call back it is not in service) telling me to hit the Microsoft button and R and there would be all these terrible viruses. I hung up on him. They already have your name, address, and phone number. Watch out!

  34. Same call, this time the Indian accented guy said he was calling from London. I kept him talking for a while, but when he asked me to press WIN and R, I put the phone on the desk and left him talking. When he eventually realised I wasn’t listening he rang off and rang back, so I picked up the call, but again didn’t bother to listen. He gave up after that

  35. We had a call this evening from an Indian guy who said our computer was being accessed from several remote locations and that we were responsible for anything they did. He asked us to press Windows R and said he would give us more instructions.. He gave us a phony IP address in an attempt to prove he was genuine that didn’t match our real IP address. He said he was from a company called ‘Digital Network Services’ that was based in the USA. He spent 45 minutes on the phone trying to convince us that he was genuine until we asked him whether he would like our bank account numbers and pin access now so that he could empty our accounts. At this point he guessed we were on to him and hung up the phone

  36. on Jan. 17, also got a call from a “Microsoft tech” with a heavy Indian accent, so heavy I had to have him keep repeating…He wanted me to press the flag key and the R and when I doubted he was from Microsoft and how would I know, etc. and just kept dragging my feet…He said, “Why don’t you go into the bathroom and F*** yourself with a carrot” I could understand every word of that!!! It made me laugh and I hung up.

  37. I just got the call 15 minutes ago. When the Indian guy said i had malware i told him hold on i am going to run my trend micro platinum protection. When it completed I said nope your wrong i am perfectly protected. by the way your all over the web i found a site (this site) that says you guys are scam artist and hackers. he said no mom. i said yeah right good bye scam artist

  38. These guys have been at it for a number of years. I got the same call around 3 years ago and I just started getting the call again from the same people with the heavy Indian accent. I played along with him for a while until he asked me what it said on the screen and that’s when I told him it says go “F” yourself. These people ARE the viruses. Your best bet is just hang up on them. There is nothing wrong with your computer.

  39. Got the call today from a guy with a thick Indian accent, the only reason I was on the phone for more than 10 seconds is because I couldn’t understand what company he was claiming to be from. Virgin Media also use Indian call centre’s so I thought for a second that It could’ve been them because I managed to detect the word “computer” in his verbiage. After about 30 seconds he told me that he was gonna hand me over to his “manager” (which was of course the same guy) and told me to sit in front of my computer and press the windows key + r. Once I heard that I just hung up. They must think people are thick.

  40. when i press win->r then type in cmd it comes up saying windows cannot find “cmd” please make sure to spell it correctly and try again

  41. Received a call 10 minutes ago, exactly as described above:
    1) A woman called from the number +1-303-344-29287 and said my computer had been sending error messages for the past 2 weeks. Lots of background noise from other callers.
    2) She asked if my computer was switched on (I said ‘yes’) :-) and she forwarded the call to “her supervisor”
    3) The “Supervisor” (a male) told me to press the “windows” key and the “R” key simultaneously. He then asked me what I saw on my screen.

    Well; from the first 3 seconds of this call, I smelled the scent of a scam, so I decided to keep them on the phone for as long as possible, to f*ck up their time. As the “Supervisor” repeatedly tried to have me describing what I saw on my screen (without success) the call was abruptly terminated by him.

    Poor bastard. How can idiots like this even imagine people will believe Microsoft will call them?

    I managed to block 10 minutes of their time :-) yeah! that means 10 minutes less for them to fool others. -A donation of my time that I gladly accept…

  42. I received a call from Tech Resolver in Albany, NY the Indian gentleman tried his best to get me to run a command by holding down the Windows key and hitting the “R” key. I kept telling him nothing was happening. LOL He got so frustrated he called his supervisor he then proceeded to tell me the same command. I told him I am hitting it and holding it…nothing is happening. I did this for 5 minutes. Mind you I am not hitting anything. little did they know I am the IT Admin for my company. He then asked what type of computer I had I told him it is a “NotAnIdiot” it is made in India….he hung up. What a SCAM!!!!

  43. I must have got the new guy, he just called and blabbered something about our email being hacked and he needed to check our computer. First I think how does this guy know which computer….o he says…..

    hit the windows key and r…….

    wait, wait, wait….how do I know u aren’t?…Where are you calling from again?

    Delaware, Wilmington


    Did you say Delaware, Wilmington?

    Yes, Delaware, Wilmington…..

    ah, Okay…Bye.Bye

  44. omg someone needs to get these people same thing pretty much happened to me today got a call from some guy I could barely understand and he said are you sitting in front of your computer are you on the home page and then to press windows key + r at the same time and then I asked how they got my phone number and said it was connected to their main server whatever what a scam oh the number was unavailable too joke is what it was don’t even answer unavailable numbers !

  45. I got one of these calls yesterday from “Mike Williams” of Sri Lanka. (I suppose Williams is a common name there.) Same story about my computer sending out infection notices to their server. I said “Do you think I was born yesterday.” No, I needed to press CNTRL, flag, R. Sure, I did. I am sorry I didn’t play really stupid and tell them I could not find those keys. lol

  46. Got a call today from an Indian speaking accent dude at my work with the same story. I played along and then told him it brought up a porn site. He told me to hit other keys which I didn’t, I then I told him the porn movie was now playing. He started telling me about viruses and I needed to shut it down. I told him I thought you could only get a virus from actual physical contact. He started talking real fast getting frustrated. I then told him that it was ok because it was his sister in the movie with a dog. He yelled something in a language I didn’t know an then hung up, which made my day.

  47. I recently gotten a call today saying they were from California, saying he was “Microsoft Tech support” that had a heavy Indian or Philippio accent that was kinda hard to understand some if his words. He also had gone by the name “Eric White”. He had called from 1-800-347-9066. I had told him that it had felt like a scam but he had tried to assure me that it was’t. He had me do windows+r to do whatever he thought was going to happen. And then he tried to get me to download teamservice or whatever it was. I told him that he was a hacker and was trying to hack my computer himself. I had told him I was going to call the cops on him and he just laughed and said I was verbally abusive to him by calling him a hacker. Then I got into a long argument with him and he started screaming and yelling at me and swearing at me. He thought I was dumb when I asked where he was calling from then I asked him if he was from India or Indonesia or the Philippines or anything over there and he just laughed. I argued with him how he knew my computer was hacked and how he knew to call my house and stuff and he fed me some line and I told him I seemed to not believe him about what he was saying and stuff. I needed someone to tell me that he was from wherever he said but he told me to Google it and got into a argument with him about it. I told him at the end of the call that he was a scammer and I was going to call the cops on him and he said ma’am I’m not a hacker and I said I was still going to call the cops on him.

  48. Just received the exact same call as described above. I asked why I had to press Windows + R and it might delete my drive etc and they hung up.

  49. I just received a call from an Indian sounding guy. He gave me his ID number and a phone number of 855-264-9273. He said there had been unusual activity the last few days on my computer and wanted me to hit the CTRL key, then the Windows key and the small r. I told him my son-in-law was a computer expert and I would run it by him. He simply hung up then. In these postings and didn’t see where the CONTROL key was requested. Another angle I guess or maybe they figured a new way to hack since people were catching on to the windows and r previously requested. Anyway…FYI.

  50. Just got the same call yesterday for an India sounding guy w/thick accent. Said the same things to me. He used the same line, and prompted me to press Windows + R which I did but refused to type in CMD as he directed. I called out for my husband he started yelling to hang up – the caller then told me he made a mistake and our computers were fine.

  51. Just got the same call yesterday for an India sounding guy w/thick accent. Said the same things to me. He used the same line, and prompted me to press Windows + R which I did but refused to type in CMD as he directed. I called out for my husband he started yelling to hang up – the caller then told me he made a mistake and our computers were fine.

  52. I got one just now. Same deal as everyone else, except when I called them on NOT being who they say they are they threatened to put a block on my computer and lock it up until I did what they said… The guy hung up when I told him he just proved he was the criminal and that he did not have permission to access my computer, so anything he did would be an illegal activity.

    For those mentioning catching these guys and shutting them down, we can’t do anything. They’re gaining temp access of phone numbers we have just sitting in limbo (a lot are numbers only ever used during election seasons), but are actually calling from other countries that we can’t touch for this type of stuff.

  53. Just received the same call and routine from 315-000-1234 claiming to be from Windows Support. Number looked too odd to be Microsoft.

  54. I received a call from “Peter at Windows Technical Support”, caller ID said: Novatel with a phone number of: 210-249-0540. He had a very thick Indian accent. He informed me that my computer was sending event logs to Microsoft and that my computer was infected with viruses and malware. I have all logs turned off. He explained how he could get someone to help me (so generous of him, considering he’s a complete stranger). He walked me through how to pull up the Event Viewer and see all the “Errors” and “Warnings”. Told me that he could have someone help get my computer clean. He was under the impression that I was falling for this scam so he transferred me to another gentleman (Rick) who instructed me to download Team Viewer ( – is a legit company, but you should not ever download something like this unless you are sure of the purpose of the person using it. It allows them complete control of your computer, so unless it’s a known IT Person, etc DO NOT DO THIS!) and then give him the ID number and password. Said that he generated that ID from Microsoft (complete lie!). When I was hesitant to give him the numbers he suggested another website ( – again, appears to be legit, but DON’T do this!)

    I told him I was leery about doing this one as well he asked if he could call me back after I checked out the 2 websites. I told him I’d rather call him. He did give me a phone number of: 347-281-7937 but that anyone could help me.

    For whoever gets a call from these people: DO NOT download anything or give them any type of personal or sensitive information! If you have a concern about any “Errors” or “Warnings” please contact Microsoft directly. You can also see this Microsoft link about scams and phishing:

  55. Reposting with new information:

    I received a call from “Peter at Windows Technical Support”, caller ID said: Novatel with a phone number of: 210-249-0540. He had a very thick Indian accent. He informed me that my computer was sending event logs to Microsoft and that my computer was infected with viruses and malware. I have all logs turned off.

    He explained how he could get someone to help me (so generous of him, considering he’s a complete stranger). He walked me through how to pull up the Event Viewer and see all the “Errors” and “Warnings”. He was telling me to hit Control, Windows and “R”. I pretended nothing happened and he walked me through how to do it by going into Windows and searching. Told me that he could have someone help get my computer clean. He had me filter the current logs by “Critical”, “Warning” and “Error” which showed some errors. One of the warnings had a high number and I was informed that my computer was very infected.

    He was under the impression that I was falling for this scam so he transferred me to another gentleman (Rick) who instructed me to download Team Viewer ( – is a legit company, but you should not ever download something like this unless you are sure of the purpose of the person using it. It allows them complete control of your computer, so unless it’s a known IT Person, etc DO NOT DO THIS!) and then give him the ID number and password. Said that he generated that ID from Microsoft (complete lie!). When I was hesitant to give him the numbers he suggested another website ( – again, appears to be legit, but DON’T do this!)

    I told him I was leery about doing this one as well he asked if he could call me back after I checked out the 2 websites. I told him I’d rather call him. He did give me a phone number of: 347-281-7937 but that anyone could help me.

    For whoever gets a call from these people: DO NOT download anything or give them any type of personal or sensitive information! If you have a concern about any “Errors” or “Warnings” please contact Microsoft directly. You can also see this Microsoft link about scams and phishing:

  56. I got this call today…we don’t have caller ID on our phone, so the only way to find out that it is a scammer is to answer the phone. When I was told (thick Indian accent, of course) that it was Microsoft Tech Support calling, and my computer was sending them multiple error reports, and that I was infected with many viruses, I decided to play along. I happened to have my new Chromebook open, so I quickly looked up their scam…which seems to hope that people are stupid enough to give then remote control of their PCs to ¨fix¨ all the horrible infections. With the first guy, I went as far as opening the ¨Run” window, as that is a completely harmless action. Then I said that I couldn’t understand what he was asking me to do next (actually true). I kept saying, ¨Speak English, man! I cannot understand a word you’re saying.¨ So he put his ¨supervisor¨ on the line, who had only slightly better English. When I asked them for a call back number, they gave me a local phone number, but said that ¨We are the service center; you will only get a busy signal at this number.” (Actually a recording that the number is not in use at this time.) I kept asking questions about why I was typing things into the ¨run¨ window, and he kept saying that I had ¨internet infections…if you will type this in I will be able to show you.” The INF command that he wanted me to type in would just show me a directory of files that have nothing to do with infections. Then I would say that if they are Internet infections, than there is no problem, because the problem lies on the internet servers, not on my local hard drives. I had him on the phone for over 20 minutes before I finally caved and said, ¨You’re clearly not with Microsoft; you obviously intend to try to gain control of my PC and either phish for information or install Malware.¨ Oddly, they hung up at this point.

  57. I had the same type of call that many have described. I played along to see what I could find out as scam busting is my business, etc. Can’t explain it all.
    Anyway. I traced the call back to an area code and number from a Country call Dominica – it is not the Dominican Republic. It is is the Caribbean.

    Have notified the authorities there which is only a police force. Small island and nothing will happen. Play along or hang up but do not do what you want you to do. After a while they will get mad and start swearing at you in very good English – the only thing they can say in good English BTW. Then they hang up.

  58. I just received a call from peter. I strung him a long for a while just for fun then hung up. He called me back. Argued with me for a while then told me when my computer crashes don’t call Microsoft I said I won’t. Hehe I had fun messing with him.

  59. Just got the same call but he didn’t mention Windows, pressed Windows + r, and got a little pop up at the bottom right with an r in it. That confused him, which is when I asked him if it mattered that I was running Linux! I quite enjoyed that, I then pointed out to him that I was well aware of the scam and hung up.

  60. Just received a call from a Nick Thomas at 702-583-5515 stating he was from Microsoft in Las Vegas. He stated they saw heavy malicious traffic coming from my computer to their server and wanted me to go to my computer and hit cntrl window then R. Of course, I didn’t do this … Just hung-up on him.

  61. Also received a call from an Indian sounding bloke saying he was calling me from California, talking about some malicious activity on my PC. He told me to press ctrl + r, which I did, but then I got suspicious and told him I’d refuse to follow instructions by someone calling me from a call centre in Bangalore or whereever, which made him really angry and he went “Don’t you know that the Microsoft CEO is from India?” and then he called me a racist and prejudiced against Indian people. When I told him I wasn’t he yelled “Don’t underestimate the Indians!” which sounded like a threat and the he hung up. Altogether a rather strange experience.

  62. Just got a call from someone with a thick Indian accent. He wanted me to hit the windows r command. LOL! Right! I strung him along for maybe 20 minutes before he caught on. It was soooo much fun. He must’ve thought I was the most computer illiterate person on earth. He was very patient, I’ll give him that. If he gets tired of the scam business, he might have what it takes to handle real IT calls. I’m hoping they’ll call back. Good reason to answer calls from strange numbers. “I don’t see the ‘anykey’.” ROFL!

  63. Here’s what you do if you get this call:
    1) The Indian guy tells you to hold down Ctrl + Win + R
    2) He then wants to know what happens on your computer screen.
    3) Tell him a message has popped up on the screen
    4) He will ask what the message says
    5) You then tell him the message says- “Gandhi is a Faggot”
    6) That will generally end with him cursing at you.
    7) He will then eventually hang up.
    8) You then block his number through your phone company

  64. I just received this call the man told me he was from PC Speedy or something it was an Indian sounding man. He was almost demanding that I push the windows +R key I finally hung up.

  65. Just had the same call 3 times in the last two days, first time I told them “you are a scammer, don’t want to deal with you” hung up on him This morning they called again, I gave them “eat shit and die, and in my best abu accent Thank you come again” This time I let them run with it, told them I was doing everything they asked but not getting any results, they put me thru to a supervisor…I let him walk me thru the steps yet again, and he asked me what I am seeing….”I see that i have wasted 20 minutes of your time when you could have been scamming someone else…he seemed put out and said something to the effect of You don’t understand how important this is to your computer and hung up…I think from here on out I will try to keep them on the line much longer….

  66. dec 9 2014
    got the same call,at 7:00 am, lady with thick indian accent,,said she was from microsoft,requested me to press ctrl/run so they can probably do some surrepticious damage. told her to call back after I check out what ctrl/run does. WHEN SHE CALLS BACK I WILL ASK HER IF SHE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY DICTAPHONE.

  67. Get the Windows called every week guess they like my number. So I thought I should have some fun with this . I TOLD the guy from India that I have Windows in every room in my house some rooms have two or three Windows. His answer to me was go to my window open it , I said yes my window is now open, now what, he said now jump and he hung up, but they still call every week. I tell them I don’t have a computer they still call. I just can’t get rid of them.

  68. i GOT A call from 24x7PC Health 929-251-8306 , Same story, I said that I was happy he called back because I bought the program and it keeps asking me for money. He then said no, it isn’t our company. I said sure it is, I have this phone number, the caller ID says your company. No, he goes different company. I said, no, it was you who sold me this stuff. This went back and forth and it sounded like he was trying to find the words in the script. Finally I said, look we’ve been on the phone for 10 minutes, you made the mistake of calling the CIA computer investigation network. When the car comes to your door, please do not cause problems. No, no, he says different company. Eventually I hung up. I then went to the do not call registry added it to the growing list of they are not doing anything, then went to my phone call blocking and blocked them. What a bunch of losers, and NO, I don’t have their software. Maybe I should get one of those high pitched whistles and blow it into the receiver.

  69. just received a call same thing as everyone else says. only if I let him go to his whole spiel. letting him think I was in front of my computer. I wasted about 45 min of his time. then informed him I did not on the computer I knew it was a scam and then hung up

  70. just received the same call saying from Windows support and wanting me to push windows key and r, I told him no I didn’t know him and didn’t trust him. I told him I cant understand half of what you are saying because of your accent!! heavy Indian accent. So crazy that people will do what strangers tell you to do on a phone call!!! don’t do anything someone you haven’t contacted via a trusted company tells you to do!!!!! see being suspicious of everybody paid off in this case lol

  71. I just got one of those calls at my parents house. Instead on the usual spiel they said they wanted to refund money I had paid their company! They wanted to send me the refund form by having me enter a web address into the run dialog box. I told him no and that I knew it was a scam. Eventually I hung up, he called back but my dad answered the phone, he just hung up.

  72. I love those calls. I try to keep them going as long as I can acting like a total noob (I have 30 years in I.T.). I have several techniques for messing with their minds. I usually interject lots of “huh” and “what” and make them repeat themselves several times. This is from a call I just got:

    Them: Typical “Windows Security” line.
    Me: I follow along acting all innocent and stuff.
    Them: Asking me to press Windows+R, etc.
    Me: “OK”
    Me: At this point, I pester them about which keys to press like I don’t understand and make them repeat their instructions a few times and then finally say, “OK, got it”.
    Them: “What do you see on your screen?”
    Me: “Uh, my computer just started rebooting. Want me to wait?”
    Them: “Yes”
    Me: “OK, it’s rebooted now.”
    Them: “What do you see on your screen?”
    Me: “My computer rebooted.”
    Them: “You’re joking, right?”
    Me: “No, maybe I pressed the wrong keys. Oh, OK, now I got it.”
    Them: “What do you see on your screen?”
    Me: “An empty black window with a flashing cursor.”
    Them: They tell me to type something.
    Me: “OK”
    Them: “What do you seen on your screen?”
    Me: “A different window.”
    Them: “What does it say?”
    Me: My favorite zinger – “It says you should look out your window and see if there’s a curise missile headed your direction.”
    Them: “Oh, uh…”
    Me: “You like that one?”
    Them: [insert profanity] Click

  73. I just had so much fun with these criminal assholes.
    So even though my computer was on another floor, when the caller asked in an agitated tone, was I in front of my computer I said, oh yes. Then followed about 5 minutes of me pretending not to be able to find the Windows key. Once we got to where I could suddenly see it, came the command to “Press that key and the R key at the same time, and then let it go!” I pretend to comply. He wants to know what I see on the screen. This is the moment Ih ave been waiting for. I describe, first in tones of awe and then shock, the maisma of swirling colors I see on the screen. Then I describe how the screen is slowly fading. “You’re a smartass!” the scammer finally says. I shriek in reply: “NOW IT’S TOTALLY GONE BLACK! i THINK YOU KILLED IT!” then he says something really odd to me, involving what he wants to do to me. I consider stringing him along further and mentioning how at my age, I couldn’t even pay someone his age to do that to me, but it was getting boring so I just hung up.

  74. just got a call from phone number 571-916-6077, it sounded like someone from India, wanted me to press the windows key and the R key, I did not do this and do not recommend anyone doing this, just hang up.

  75. Just got a call from (801) 225-4320 Clayton White – Guy saying he saying he was with e support & that my computer was downloading unwanted/unknown files. I laughed at him.

  76. 4:10 pm california a woman called from a private number stating to be from Microsoft. had me hold for technition. a heavy accented man told me to press the windows key with the r key so he could fix and trouble shoot my computer for errors. this was as I was actualy on line ordering stuff. I told them my computer was working fine, but oddly I had just had to my computer not working cuz my router had gotten unplugged prior to this call . when I asked him why he was calling from a private #, he hung on me.

  77. Just got the call. I knew it was fishy??
    Look’s like it has been going around for a while.



  78. I started getting 6-8 calls in a row from a very persistent Peter with a very heavy British accent. kept insisting he was representing Microsoft and that I had a ‘clone’ in my computer and it was stealing all my information. I was shocked “Really??” I said. At that point he got very serious and told me to hold down the Win+R keys and type in the box: eventvwr. I told him I didn’t think so and he became very angry with me.
    There are 2 of these Indian persons calling (taking turns) Peter and John Martin! The number they are using with me is 800-609-7139. I kept telling them that just like my front door I do not open my computer fo/for strangers. They said they were my friends and there to help. I told them they were liars and scammers. Microsoft does not, ever call if there is a problem. And never third party calls. Because I have been able to garner so much information from them (by playing the dumb little old lady) I am considering bringing a harassment suit against them. They have called me so often that I had to put a call-block on their number. At that point they switched to my landline phone! Talk about persistence.

  79. June 22, 2015 @2:45 pm from phone # 333-255-2222
    I just got the same call from a guy with a heavy accent and was half asleep when they called. I went as far as doing the windows plus r key and typed in cmd and it brought up my black command screen and he told me to type in something else and I did but can’t for the life of me remember what it was but then it brought up another black screen and he wanted me to type in something else but at this time I was pretty much very awake and started asking him a line of why questions. He told me so he could fix my computer problems. I then asked to speak to his supervisor he said no need for me to. I then demanded to speak to his super…lol he said hold on and came back on the line trying to change his voice but I knew it was still him. Then I said a few choice ugly words and told him to never call my # again. He called me a mean ass Bitch and he hung up. I just need to know if what I done caused my computer any problems. How do I tell? If anyone knows how to tell if it caused any problems, can you Please tell me?

  80. Received a call from Edie showing Not Available #442-545-564-6894 who claimed to be with Matrix Idea Technical Support. The idiot asked me to press the Windows +R key because I had a virus he wanted to help me fix. Stated my PC was sending out messages on its own. When he told me to find the CTR key on my keyboard I kept telling him I did not have a CTR key; after driving him crazy about 12 times asking him how to spell the key & asking where it was I finally ask him if he was talking about the CTRL key; too which he said yes. Finally he go so disgusted with me he hung up.

    These people keep calling back hour after hour non-stop & do not stop until someone answers. After you get them upset they stop calling for the rest of the day but call again either 1 or 2 days later & again keep calling if no one answers.

    You know I never had phone calls until I HAD to write my phone number down when buying programs via the PC. I will NEVER write my phone number down again I will write the phone number to the company I am ordering from so they can get these phone calls.

  81. Just got a call, 813 832-8282 with an Indian accent.. She said there is a virus on my computer and I should press the windows icon and CTRL R, and then type in eventvwr I said ok, she asked me what I saw but since I wasn’t doing it she kept walking me through the process again and again. . She eventually got frustrated with me and hung up.. What a scam I feel bad for the people who actually listen and follow their instructions.

  82. Just received a call from 204-229-5643. Told me I had a virus, and they were from the Microsoft Technical Team. Tried to get me to push control + r. I said I did, but my screen was the same (my computer
    Isn’t even on). He and his “supervisor” kept trying other things, and I just told him my screen was the same. He got mad and asked me what color panties I was wearing. Creeps.

  83. I just had one of those thickly accented cockroaches call me. He was nearly impossible to understand but after patiently cajoling him to give up info, I got : He called his company VAPSECURE, said his web site was and gave up phone # 888 577 4003.
    He said his company was based in Austin, TX when I asked for his address he either couldn’t or wouldn’t provided and clicked off.

  84. I just got a call right now from an accented person who said he worked for Microsoft. he said I was getting hacking alerts (sure). he said I needed to run ctrl-window key-R and he would ‘show’ me what was happening. yeah, right. I did not do anything he asked.

    I knew these to be scams, so I strung him along for information. when I asked him what my name was since he pretended to know so much about me, he did not pronounce it correctly. when I asked for a number, he provided a bogus number that did not match his area code. when I asked for a case number, then he hung up. these guys are idiots.

  85. He’s still calling… Called me 2 x’s as I could not hear first time… :-) asked for his number which he would not give… just said he was from the World Wide web, that they would remove my computer # and not to complain to them when I couldn’t get on my computer. . sorry guy… wasn’t born yesterday!!!

  86. guy from number 18845771246 and her name is ami smith and her voice is indian accent try to help fo fix the computer but look suspicious .she say she want to help me by windows + r key and nothing happen .looking very suspicious

  87. yesterday I received around 6 phone calls from, what appeared to be a local area code (started 0190), however, if you don’t take the call and you have a call log, it will seem to be a number beginning 00190, probably to stop people from ringing it back maybe.

    anyway, the first call they were advising me that they were calling from my phone provider (talktalk) and that they had detected a few issues, I already knew it was a scam as had someone tell me of it previously, although they didn’t remember what the hackers did to get in. Therefore, I got the initial part from the first call win and r together, not knowing at this stage whether they would get access, i told them i knew they were scammers n they hung up. i then googled that before actually doing it :)

    the next call I was prepared and ready to press the win and r button and then waiting for the next prompt, which was the ‘eventvwr’ word. again, i didn’t know what that did so told him that i would prefer to call talktalk back myself so that i had personally made the call, to which he tried to blag me, but this one had given me his name so i said ‘well i know your name, it’s shane isn’t it?’ ‘yeah’ he said, my reply was ‘ok, so i can ring talktalk and ask for you can’t i’ ‘yeah and bye’ came from his mouth rofl.

    the third call was a woman and at this time i had googled ‘pressing win r and computer hacking’ interestingly a website came up that would’ve step-by-step shown me how i could potentially hack another computer, so initially i came across as naive and then a little thick, well i must;ve come across as very thick because she put the phone down – bless her lol :)

    I’ve shared the incident on public media sites and would suggest or hope that any new calls are also shared with friends and family as, last year it was my mum who got hacked and they removed every last one of her photos and saved documents + it cost her in excess of £250 because as well as paying some monies to the hackers, she also had to get it rectified by Microsoft (the genuine article).

    I just wish that one of you IT nerds out there could create some software that would actually reverse what it is that they are wanting to do and that we would take over their computers and either be able to kill the hardrive or put something in the background that pops up on a persons computer they are trying to hack to advise them of this.

    1. I am 71 years of age and yesterday also had this call. I did as the indian guy saifd but as I told him that I dont have a credit card he closed my computer down. What can I do now as I cannot open my computer, can someone help me? He said he will phone me back on Monday as I was to ask a family member to loan me the money. I am using my tablet now.

  88. Just talked to these jokers. I have a better plan. I didn’t hang up. I just played stupid for over 15 minutes and laughed hysterically. He asked for me to press window key and r and what appeared on the screen. I yelled chickens. Chickens everywhere. I had fun. Don’t think they’ll call back and maybe it prevented a few others from getting the stupid calls. I told him we have a backward keyboard. The bottom left key was the f12 key. I didn’t have any “second” on my screen. After many many minutes. He told me he word take my computer certificate away. Duh. Sure you will then when he realized we were laughing at him. … He told me to go to hell. New plan…I hope they call again. I’ll enjoy it more next time.

  89. I got a call from 019911 today. I just played the dumb user and faked what the guy asked me to : opened un a command prompt, typed ‘’, downloaded the ‘take control of my computer’ software. Then he ask ‘what do you see on the screen ?’. I told him ‘Call computer crime unit at this number ….’. He hang up, why ? I didn’t even fixed my computer :)

    1. lmfaoooo i gave them a call acting like i had no Idea how to use a computer. The guy spent ten minutes explaining where the start button was. Man everytime im feeling down from now on im just gonna give them a call.

  90. I always lead them on til I get bored then I unload with all of my saved up hostility in a string of never ending profanity and set down the phone without hanging up. I’ve pissed them off so bad they call back and leave a message of profanities.

  91. I just got this call,knowing it was some kind of scam. The lady asked me to hold down the FN key and letter R. I told her nothing was happening,and she seemed confused by that. Of course my pc was turned off.
    And then I asked if it mattered if I had a mac.
    She swore at me and then hung up. The phone number on caller id is

  92. My computer illiterate wife got the call. Her solution? Play along and when they ask what the screen says, reply “F*** you, don’t call me no more!”

  93. yep. call from “00000000”. indian accent. telling me he was notified of a virus and to press the windows and R button. and that he had serviced me computer remotely before.. and when i said no.. ive never had it serviced .. ever.. he said you can check with your family member that you did! so i said.. who is this again? and he hung up. lol.they are really bold.

  94. Got the same call twice now from an indian guy. Played along for a little bit then finally asked him again where he was calling from he told me ” that windows thing”. LMAO. I said ” Do you mean Microsoft?” I told him I built my computer, I maintain it, and to stop calling me and f*** off.

  95. Just received an identical call. Indian guy hard to understand. I talked with him for several minutes. Hope he didn’t infect my phone line. He described the steps I should take so that he could show me the virus. I hung up.
    I just got a new computer because two weeks ago I noticed a webnote for Ransomware telling me how to get the data on my computer back. An encryption virus RSA 2048 gained access thru email. Made every file on the computer unreadable. They wanted $500 to give me the codes to un-encrypt the files. Screw them. ^$@(&%^+*#@………

  96. I JUST received this same phone call from an Indian guy with a very heavy accent. I hung up the phone on him and he immediately called back. I told him please don’t call me again!

  97. Haahaaaa, just got this call from an Indian guy named “Steve”, and I played along for like 10 minutes as the dumb, gullible American, and you could almost here the excitement growing in his voice with every “Fake” click, and then… I said “Steve, do you think I am an idiot? Get a real job chief, and stop harassing people with this BS”.

    What came next was a high pitched shrill that lasted like 5 seconds, and Steve’s sale had just turned into a complete meltdown. Shreking, and then muttering “Muddafucka, Muddafucka, ohhhhh”. I laughed for about 10 seconds while he went on, then he finally muttered something about my Mom and hung up.

    Here’s to hoping he calls back, that made my day!

  98. I got the same exact call about a half hour ago but I kept the douchebag on the phone for a half hour asking him all kind of questions and speaking extremely loud. With all the noise in the background it was obvious he was calling from a call center and the heavy Indian accent was comical – but his name was Steve. I knew exactly what he wanted – he wanted to sell me a registry cleaner but first he had to try to scare me into thinking that ..

    1. My IP address was compromised

    2. I had a serious virus that could lock me out of my computer

    3. I had to do everything he said.

    After a half hour I hung up on him and he called back several times. The number that showed up on my caller ID was a series of zeros then another line of numbers.

  99. Got that call, heavy east Indian accent, male. Told me to do the win key r thing told him now what? He asked what I saw, hell my computers been broken for 6 months, been using my nook and smart phone for Internet. Told him I had another important call and I would call him back, said his name was Kevin, ya right, and his # is 1-855-627-4688. These scammers wear me out….

  100. just had a variation of this in Birmingham England they say they are from talk talk a phone and broadband company in the uk) say you have been recieving unusual internet activity press windows key and control key together etc and at that point i told them to get lost (or words to that effect). This has been going on for a few weeks now so i rang the phone company and they said if you can get the telephone number they can trace them .well more calls later i passed the numbers to the company who are forwarding them to the police as they used phones wit the numbrs available weirdlyas the earlier calls were number withheld calls but got em police will be ocking on their doors soon with luck.

  101. its 2016 and this is going on just the same. My guy was Harry then they put on a 2nd one, can’t remember but his name like kevin. i mimicked their heavy accent, i made him respond yes to me repeating to him everything he said. i said i believed my computer to be infected what was the next step. but he insisted I open the command window. by then i had googled the scam and told him whatever he wanted to hear. until kevin came on – called me sir – and i feigned disgust as i am not a SIR (thyroid)

  102. 652-375-5739 is the number they called on today, but they are calling from overseas because there is a long pause before they get connected. I’ve gotten two calls in two days. Several in the last couple of months. So annoying. Microsoft will not be calling you to fix your computer issues! EVER! They have to be having some success on poor unsuspecting souls, or they would not keep calling. Disgusting!

  103. I had the call earlier this morning. Went through the usual stuff and I pretended to do as told Win R eventvwr etc. I must have given the right responses for a while but at one stage he asked what I saw on screen. I said ‘Open?’ He said ‘No! NO! you are wasting my time!’ And I said ‘Well, as you are wasting my time, I thought it only fair to waste yours.’ He gave up

  104. Had a similar call this morning. I kept him on the line as long as I could just to annoy him and also because while he’s talking to someone who knows he’s a scammer, he’s not scamming someone else. It can sound very plausible if you don’t know it’s a fraud. I asked how they got my number, as I hadn’t given it out to anyone. He said that the companies have the numbers anyway, so I told him that meant he was using the information illegally and he should be careful as he could be arrested.

  105. They sure are persistent bastards. They’ve called 7 times i a row :/ It shows up on my (home, not cell) phone as “Out of Area” so I don’t know how to go about blocking the number.

  106. Had this scam call today. I decided to play along for a while. When the Indian lady with the heavy accent told me to hit Win + R I said OK (obviously not actually doing it) and when she asked what I saw on the screen I said “It says to tell the lady on the phone that she’s full of $h!t and nice try on the scam!” I then hung up and added the number to my growing list labeled as SCAM (which is also blocked on my cell phone).

  107. Had the exact same thing happen yesterday. 2/25/16 Even let them connect to my pc and Frank showed me all the processes that had been stopped and at first recommended geek squad and several others to take it to and they would charge $200-$300 . I told him it was my Dads old desk top that Id just toss it and he then said let me talk to my supervisor and see what I can do because you sound like such a nice person. He came back and said for $99.99 and they could do the repair right then while I waited. He typed a diagnosis report then asked for my payment info. I told him I would just wait that it wasnt important though he insisted. I said Im retired and own everything I have and I only deal in cash. He then gave me this # 8887245127 and 18007543403 and to call and ask for Frank when I got a Visa gift card to pay for it. Hahahaha.

  108. They called me recently thrice not realizing it was the same person. If you ever wanna seem em really go nuts do what I did. It’s hilarious.

    The first time they said “we’ve received error messages from your PC regarding viruses”. I said, “the Windows 10 one?”. They said, “yes, it’s been infected.”. I said, “Oh well you see I’ve been testing the Windows support API for programming and it appears I forgot to turn off the wi-fi. What was the message?” *insert some thing about INF viruses* “Oh yes, that was me. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.”

    I think the scammer was completely shocked. I think he actually believed me because he said it’s okay and to be more careful next time before hanging up.

    The next time I pulled a really good stunt on them. When they called and asked I said, “does my PC need to be connected to the Internet?”. They said yes. So I said hold on I have to get the router plugged in. So while that was going (not) I asked what it was about. They said the whole virus line thing. Then I said, “well it is possible it’s my one PC. It’s a custom OS but it was built with Windows code so it’s possible it’s sending the same messages.” Then they asked me to do all the stuff (which while I had to haggle a bit to find the “equivalent”) led to them saying I had a virus. I asked if it was a remote controlling or keylogging virus and they said yes at which point I said that those were features built into my system, but thanked em for finding the bug.

    The third time I couldn’t think of anything funny to say so I just told em it was impossible as I transfer all files through a series of hard drives and that my PC has no internet. Then I told them that this was the third time my custom system had supposedly sent them messages and to take them off the list as it was a bug in the OS not a virus. Never heard from them again.

  109. Yes just had a team from India offering to sort out my BT “server problems” . Asked me to access Windows + R and after offering a bogus security check, they then asked my to punch into the prompt “” , which I see is remote access software. I declined and after threats of doom and gloom for my PC they hung up.

  110. Hello folks,
    new call today from this number 0224590306. Dude with Indian accent called and explained a virus attack on my computer. I just kept sayin “Yes, yes… computer is here… bla bla..”. Same story , wanted me to press STRG + Windows button + R. I hung up and they guy tried to call me 20 minutes after.

  111. I got a message on my computer that said that my computer was locked because I had a network virus and I turned it off. AFter awhile turned it back on and it was still there adn i couldn’t get my computer to do anything at all. It was a message from Windows
    supposedly and had a phone number to call which I knew was an 800 number but had not heard of these scams. He was very nice and told me to either take my computer some where to get it cleaned up or they could do it for me but for a price. I AGREED TO THE PRICE AND GAVE HIM MY ROUTING NUMBER & account number to get a Vcheck. ( Yes I now know how stupid I was )

  112. I just got the call again. Probably the 5-6th time in the past 2 years. I always play with them on the phone and tell them I am doing what he asks. Then I just tell him he is a scammer and that I dont even own a PC. OR I say… OHHHH NOOOO Can you help… Of course, he thinks he as one on the line… I then ask about 5 minutes into the call if he was sure it was my PC. He says Yes, I respond, that is funny because I only have a MAC. They always hang up and then I block the number for the future.

  113. This was fun – I am a windows expert since nt4 days. So they want you to run event viewer vie run command eventvwr – harmless. Then they want you to find an error to prove that your computer is broken (it’s not). They then have you go to a website via run – which redirects you. This goes to a scam website where they want you to download software **** don’t do it**** this software gives them control of the machine. If asked they don’t work for Microsoft and MS should pursue them strongly…

  114. This scam calling has been happening here for the last year or two, also; sometimes we have been getting several calls of this type a month.
    These people pretending to be from Microsoft invariably have an extremely thick foreign accent (mainly African & Indian/Pakistani type accents, rarely Asian) and start by telling how they have received worrying data from one’s PC over the last few days, indicating that there may be a hidden virus, then they ask one to “open the computer” and perform the windows key + R command (or similar).
    Which is where one should hang up, at the latest, unless one knows exactly what one is doing and likes to play with these nitwits. (Last time I told the person that I will make sure to disinfect my typewriter so that I won’t catch any virus from it and thanked the bewildered guy profusely for telling me of this risk, before hanging up. lol XD)

  115. Received the call this morning from a guy called “Steve Johnson” with a heavy accent. Said he was from BT IT department and told me that between 2am and 5am people are using my internet connection to do very bad things! His supervisor, with a similar accent, talked me through what to do (win + r). I asked him again why I should do this, and he shouted: “you’re asking me why!!!?”.
    I put the phone down!

  116. So, my computer started talking to me saying there was a virus detected and provided a number to call. Gullible me called and immediately realized it was a scam. Darn! I did NOTHING he asked, pretended to be confused& told him I would call back when my husband got home. He called back and left a message of a code to type in when I resumed ” fixing” the problem on my computer. I will contact Dell to ensure proper programs in place to avoid these goofballs again.

  117. I also rec’d a call. Same heavy Indian accent. Said he was from Microsoft and that my computer had been flagged because I had a firewall problem to do with Microsoft Essentials. I asked who he was. Told me I had subscribed to their service a year ago. Then said if I would hold down the Win flag and type R, he could help me fix my security. I told him I was suspicious of anyone calling me… asked exactly what the Win/R command was. He hesitated and then hung up.

  118. Hey guys. Just had the same thing happen to me in UK. An Indian guy told me that my pc was infected and at risk…..kept him going for 5 mins in that one! Then he asked me to push the Windows key and R together. I asked him what that would do…..again kept him going for a while on that one too!! Needless to say these dicks do get some success with the old, non-pc savy folks. It’s a shame. But I don’t think it harms anyone to steinf them on for a while…..happy hunting guys and girls….let’s bring these arseholes down a peg or 2!!!!

  119. I was bored when they called me today, so I just played with them for about 10 minutes before going to the “Supremo Control” website like he said to do. Only I didn’t go to the website, I “accidentally” Googled ‘Supremo Control’ and told him it looked like some article and started reading out loud “scammers have made an estimated tens of millions of dollars by tricking computer users into thinking their PCs are infected. The scammers cold call people, tell them that harmless error messages……” – CLICK!

    I didn’t even get to tell them I used to own a couple computer service shops and that we were contractors for Dell, HP, etc.


  120. I just had a call for this exact thing. FYI the number he gave me is 727-498-0505 extension 333.

    Luckily I wrote everything down and did not do anything.

  121. After the tenth call I decided to have some fun. I told the caller that i was glad he called because my computer was displaying the dreaded blue screen. He asked me to hold and got his technical guru on the phone. That guy proceeded to have start my PC in Safe Mode. I acted like I was following instructions. Once I was logged in he had me do the windows|R procedure. By now I had had enough. I asked him why and he gave some BS answer after which I told him to f**k off. Click.

  122. Same call – his name was “John” – same Windows + R key. I strung him along and acted concerned. I ran Norton while on the phone and it balked at a couple of tracking cookies and that was it. I hit the Win+R and told him it said run, “now what do I do”? At that point he hung up… He chickened out! He even had a blocked number.
    Funny, these guys all say “infections”, not viruses.

  123. I received a phone call at 855 am from 234 896 8524 from this Indian Nitwit and I told me that I had a problem with my computer. I played dumb with this asshole and he told me to turn on my computer. I was watching the Today Show and never got up and said just a minute until it loads up. That nitwit waited and after a minute and half, I told him it’s all up. He then transferred me to a tech guy and he told me to hold down CTRL FN and R keys. I said OK and told him I had the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge and did he want to buy it. The fucking Indian asshole hung up on me. I laughed my ass of while drinking my coffee and continued watching the Today Show. lol

  124. I am a typical adult male, yearning to have good, harmless fun.

    About once a month I get a phone call from the fake “Microsoft Computer Virus Department” on my landline cordless phone. (Why do I still have a landline? – heck, I don’t know.) Anyway the call usually always has a foreign accent that reminds me of India or Pakistan, and the caller usually introduces himself with a very American sounding name such as David. I usually simply hang up on the scammer, but on some days when I am bored, I have as much fun as I can with it.

    I ALWAYS answer my landline phone in a high-pitched, quivering voice disguised as an old woman, and the call goes something like this:
    Me: Hellll loooo???
    David: Hello Maam, this is David from the IT department of Microsoft and I wanted to…
    Me: Hell loo D-D-David, H-H-How’s your m-m-mother d-d-doing these d-d-days?
    David: Uh, fine Mamm, I’m calling to tell you that I am at the World Wide Web ITT department, and we have noticed that your computer is infected with a computer virus.
    Me: Ohhh M-M-My G-G-G-Goodness! Ohhhh N-N-Nooo!
    David: It’s OK mamm, I am calling to help you. First, is your computer turned on?
    Me: N-N-No,…. A-a-a c-c-computer va-va-virus? W-W-What d-d-do I n-n-need to d-d-do?
    David: That’s OK mamm, I can help you. Can you turn on your computer for me?
    Me: It’s, it’s, it’s in m-m-my grandson’s room on the, the, the o-o-other s-s-s-side of the, the, the, h-h-house, l-l-let m-m-me g-g-get m-m-my w-w-walker…. ( I then set the telephone on the table while I surf the web for 3 minutes… Then I pick up the phone again and….)
    Me: Hellll loooo, who-who is this?
    David: This is David from the Microsoft ITT Department, and I…
    Me: Hell loo David, H-H-How’s your m-m-mother d-d-doing these d-d-days?
    David: Fine, she’s fine, Did you turn on your computer?
    Me: M-M-My C-C-Computer? – W-W-Why d-d-do I-I-I n-n-need to t-t-turn on m-m-my c-c-computer?
    David: Mamm, we have discovered a virus on your computer and…
    Me: A-A-A v-v-virus, oh m-m-my gud-gud-goodness!
    David: Can you turn on your computer for me?
    Me: I-I-I think so, hold, hold, hold on a m-m-minute. (A few minutes later…) There! This-this-this c-c-computer t-t-takes a lo-lo-long t-t-time to boo-boo-boot up.
    David: That’s OK mamm, I’ll wait.
    (Five minutes later I pick up the phone, and the idiot scammer is still there.)
    Me: Ohhh-kaaay,, The c-c-computer is t-t-turned on n-n-now, but it w-w-wants my p-p-p-password. H-H-Hold on, m-m-my p-p-p-password is on a pea-pea-piece of pay-pay-paper, in m-m-my p-p-purse. I thin-thin-think I I I la-la-left it in in in the ka-ka-kitchen….. (A few minutes later…) Ahh he-he-here it is! Now, Wha-wha-why am I la-la-looking at m-m-my pa-pa-pa-password?
    David: Mamm, you need to enter the password on your computer!
    Me: Oh, Tha-tha-thank you sonny, wha-wha-what did you you you say ya-ya-your name is?
    David: This is David, Did you enter your password yet?
    Me: Oh na-na-no, I na-na-knew I-I-I w-w-was for-for-forgetting something! Let m-m-me wa-wa-walk ba-ba-back to my g-g-grandson’s c-c-computer. (Two minutes later I pick up the phone again…)
    Me: OK, I am here-here-here again. Let’s see…. P… A… S… S… where’s the “W”, oh the-the-there it is! W… O… R… D… 1… 2… 3…
    and… Oh Rats! – I think I cli-cli-clicked on the-the-the ca-ca-ca-cancel button by mis-mistake. Wa-wa-wait, I-I-I nee-nee-need m-m-my glasses Sonny! They’re in m-m-my pa-pa-pa-purse ba-ba-back in the the the kit-kit-kitchen… (Two minutes later….)
    Me: Now, wh-wh-why am I in the-the-the kit-kit-kitchen?
    David: Mamm, you are getting your glasses! They are in your purse!
    Me: Ra-ra-right! – here-here-here tha-tha-they are! How-how d-d-did you kna-kna-know they were in my p-p-purse?
    David: Mamm, we here at Microsoft know everything! Now, can you enter the password back at your computer?
    Me: Yes, b-b-but that’s ba-ba-back in m-m-my g-g-grandson’s ra-ra-room.
    (Two minutes later…)
    Me: Ahhhhh, He-he-here wa-wa-we go aga-ga-gain! … P… A… S… S… where’s the “W”, oh the-the-there it is! W… O… R… D… 1… 2… 3… and I-I-I thin-thin-think I-I-I ga-ga-got it ra-ra-right this ta-ta-ta-time! (Eventually I let him “talk me into” clicking on the “blue e” (to open the internet explorer) and to a website where he can gain remote access into my computer once I enter in a lengthy session password/key.) David reads me the letters and numbers one at a time, and I repeat each letter or number, slowly each time. But I feign deafness, and repeat an incorrect letter almost every other time. David shouts, “Not B, I said D!”, and I pretend to get flustered and insist that we start from scratch. When I finally get all of the session key correct, and insist on reading the letters and numbers back to him very slowly, David starts to sound a little excited… “That’s Great!”, he exclaims, “and now just click on the “submit” button!”
    Me: “Now c-c-click on the red “X” button!”
    David: Not red X! – I said the “SUBMIT” BUTTON!
    Me: Ohhh, I-I-I’m s-s-sorry, la-la-let’s try it ah-ah-gain…..
    We then repeat the above routine as slow as I can, and when I feel as if I can’t stretch this out any longer, I get up and with my cordless phone in hand, I tip-toe to the front doorbell. I ring it, which causes my three dogs to start barking….
    Me: H-H-Hold on, I-I-I na-na-need to an-an-answer the d-d-door. (I then carry on a loud conversation with with a non-existent young man selling magazine subscriptions, playing the rolls of both the teenager and the old lady. After buying a subscription, using a fake address and a fake credit card, (which I imagine “David” is feverishly writing down), I pick up the phone again. I am totally amazed that David is still on the line, waiting for me to click the “submit” button.
    Me: Hellll-loooo???
    David: Hello Mamm!
    Me: Who’s this?
    David: It’s David from the Microsoft Headquarters computer department.
    Me: C-C-Computer??? No th-th-thanks, I all-all-already have a c-c-computer.
    David: Mamm, You have a computer virus and I need you to go to your computer!
    I keep going on until the scammer eventually hangs upon me!
    My record time for stringing one of these scammers along has been 42 minutes! – Beat That!

  125. I have really enjoyed reading these comments. Yes, I have had calls from these scammers and have never gone along with them.

    I use one of two methods – the quick way (instead of hanging up), “ah do you mean my iPad?” . They will normally reply saying something like “haven’t you got a PC?”, when I say “no” they mutter something like “okay” and hang up.

    The more fun way, is to start the conversation and in the middle of what you are saying, just say something like “oh, err, can you hang on a minute”? They will normally say yes. Then put the phone on mute and continue with what you were doing. After about 5 / 10 minutes they will hang up.

    Sometimes they will come back to you while they are ‘waiting’ “Are you still there?”. You reply “yes, err can you hang on a minute ..” !

  126. Re: Scam Microsoft call
    I’ve been telling the scam guy on the phone that I’m not logged in and need a minute. Then a couple minutes later I come back and ask if I need to be on line (of course I do). I say ok, I need to turn on modem and that will take a few minutes. Then I come back and whatever he asks, I need a minute. (“I’m tethered to a land line and my desktop is inn another room”) Eventually I tell him I’ve pushed FN R and he asks what I see. I tell him I see a banner that says he should be ashamed of himself for being dishonest and he should get an honest job never call again”
    Just depends if you wanna waste 10 minutes or hangup

  127. I got one of these calls today. It was a female with a thick Indian accent. I became wary the second I heard her accent, so I started recording the call.

    Me: “Hello?”
    Her: “Hello. Is this Mr. _____?
    Me: “Yes. This is he.”
    Her: “Hello, Mr. _____. My name is Tracy Williams. I am calling on behalf of Network Solutions Group out of Birmingham, AL. Are you aware that your personal computer’s security has been compromised?”
    Me: “Oh, my. I had no idea that my computer was in danger – much less that it was being monitored. Are you sure you have the right person?”
    Her: “I am afraid so, Mr. _____. Your home address is located at __ __________ Street, correct?”
    Me: “Well, that’s me alright. What’s wrong with my computer?”
    Her: “We here at Network Solutions Group have been alerted because someone has broken into your computer from outside of your home network. If you wish to fix any damage that may have been done, we can guide you through a diagnostics test to discover what the hacker has changed.”
    Me: “May I give you some advice?”
    Her: “Of course, Mr. _____.”
    Me: “Please don’t hang up the phone until I’m done because I’m honestly just trying to do you a favor. I’m fairly technologically savvy, so I know better than to trust someone calling me from a blocked number. Your execution here has been nearly perfect. If you really want this scam to succeed, you’re going to have to learn to hide your accent. I don’t mean this to be rude, but many Americans are wary when the first voice they hear on a phone call has an Indian accent. If you can manage to make yourself sound like an American – specifically, a Caucasian American – you’ll see vast improvements in your turnover rate.”

    Then she hung up.

  128. This scam from India has been going on for years… and still active. My recommendation is to play along as much as possible to waist their time. My record was 30 minutes. During that time I faked my computer shutdown twice and re-boot, bad connection etc. At the end I told them that I was from the police and we located their call. I said we were coming over shortly with a squad. They screamed away and stopped calling….

  129. I get these calls several times a week. When they tell me they are from Dell or Windows,I simply ask for the pass code that is on our account. Usually they say they will” bring it up to confirm, please hold.” “Click”. Another thing I do with those that don’t give up, I keep a whistle near at all times. An earful of whistle is all they need to be convinced to leave me alone.

  130. Mostly to add to the ph# collection – I got a call – on my cell phone – no less & played along some – Initial call ID was -unavailable- and while playing got disconnected- guy (yep sounded E Indian – or jamaican = mon? ) called back = this time CID = 323-741-3873 (which I haven’t researched yet) – claimed to be with MS / Win tech support (usual fib) said I should find an ID (some mixed alpha & numeric string) on my computer (ha!) when I got to it (had told Him (true) that I wasn’t at computer. he said he was in NY – Jackson Heights (with a very noisy call center background) near 72nd St & a museum (yes it was hard to understand him!) Claimed to be from (live in) NY & not Jamaican (I asked) & I got a call back # & name from him = “Harry Green” at 206-430-5057 ext 2929 he said he would be at work till 8pm (NY time) – He even defended his scamming as being his job ! I may experiment (perhaps w/o I’net conn) with the various Left Win + r variations just for my own curiosity…

  131. I just received a call from a male with an Indian accent saying that he worked for Google, that he noticed that my computer had been hacked, told me to press Windows key+R to help me remove the virus. I asked him to prove that he was from Google. He called his supervisor to talk to me, who did not have an Indian accent, who said he was from Google, read out my address, name and telephone number. I told him that did not prove that he was from Google. While keeping him on the phone, I went to Google to search Windows key+R hackers and found out thousands of other users have received similar calls from a guy with an Indian accent, so I just hung up on him, end of my call.

  132. I just got this trashy people trying to get me to press Windows + R 30 minutes ago. Strong Indian accent. Begging me not to hang up to check and verify if he is really working for Microsoft. Scumbag!

  133. Yes, just got the call saying that they were going to refund me…I told them to keep the money…they pursued pretty good. Indian accent…… phone number was 208-650-5297….don’t fall for it, don’t push any keys!

  134. I have several recordings of my conversations with the “Windows Security” team. I have a lot of spare time and find entertainment in them. I just play stupid and usually get them to make some sort sexual suggestion before hanging up on me. Today Wilson from New Jersey, with his Indian accent, suggest I masterbate my keyboard with my own hand before throwing it out the window.

  135. Same thing happened here. Cold call from guy with heavy Indian accent. I could barely understand him. He wanted me to press Windows key and hold down letter R. He said this would help identify files on my computer that should be removed. I asked him for a call back number. He said he was here to help me. I told him I was not going to give him access to my PC and that I needed to call him back. Then I told him that I had two PC’s and asked him which PC was infected. He hung up without saying a word.

  136. Just got this call yesterday. They said they had by product number and they also had my name. They spoke with a very heavy foriegn accent and said they were in N.Y. but the phone number the have me to call back was not a N.Y. area code but a Wisconsin area code. I called my tech support person and took my computer to them for a complete cleaning. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY ACCESS OR INFORMATION. THIS IS A SCAM. WINDOWS WOULD NEVER CALL YOU.

  137. I have this call nearly every day. Just had one now off an Indian man. Yesterday an Indian woman rang me and when I hung up on her she kept on persistently ringing and when I answered again she asked why I had hung up on her and that she would just keep ringing and ringing and true to her word she did.

  138. Got this call at 12:45 AM. When I refused to press the Windows +R, she threatened to “block my computer from the internet”. When I continued to refuse, she told me to “go to hell”.

  139. Well, I got the reverse. I visited a web site and I message showed up on my screen with the Microsoft logo. It was telling me my computer was blocked access because it was infected and prompt me to call a +1 (844) 813-5760. I called for the sake of finding out what the scam was and got a guy in India that worked for asking me to give him access to my computer. I did and, after 30 minutes effort on his side to prove me how badly infected my network was, asked me for $299 to perform a once time cleaning. I hung up and cut him off my computer. It was a lovely exercise to witness.

  140. I just got a cold call from an Indian sounding guy claiming to be from Windows support and got them to give me their number. The guy said he was based in Victoria st and gave me a 02036300338 which responds when you call back. The Guy asked me to Press Windows log and R on my keyboard which I did then type in “EVENTVWR” which showed about 4000 + potential threats. He asked me to close it and reopen Windows Logo R again and type in I did not hit the OK button but pulled out my internet connection as a precaution. Has he breached my computer in any way by me opening windows Logo R and typing in EVENTVWR then pressing OK

  141. I think if you go into any IT dept anymore you’ll see less of the total nerd but more just normal average guys. Long gone are the days when only the really nerdy had computers, most you people today grew up with a computer in there homes. A lot of the animosity between users and Programmers come from them thinking something should be easy when in reality its not. Programmers tend to get moody too. when you’ve created a application that cures cancer or solves world hunger, and they complain about the button colors.

  142. I had someone call who threatened to disconnect my internet service if I didn’t do as he wanted. He said he was from Telstra.
    I called his bluff and said, “Yes, that’s OK. Go ahead”. He never rang back. Not that one anyway. I did get the Win+R recently.

  143. Ok. So no one has actually done the window + r. Well my computer was locked on a red screen with a pop up window and a “google” number to call. Computer was frozen to protect passwords. Called the number, windows+r, she gave me a passcode to access remotely. Showed on screen that my security was off and showed 9 people on my ip address (hackers). Then i needed to pay 100 to remove the virus. I didnt. My security isnt detecting any viruses or malware. So what exactly went on with the whole window +r thing?

  144. When I get the scam calls I just act dumb leading them on to the point they are so frustrated with me they hang up. I act afraid that the virus they told me will infect me etc. I go on about my “window” (monitor) smoking and my neighbor unplugging it. I have to go buy a new “flat window” but still can’t get pretty color pictures on it. I still only have a C:> on it. By this time they had the supervisor on to “help” me and he tells me my computer is too old and hangs up.

  145. Just received the same called..and I knew it was a scam but I was just playing along..when he asked me what to do, then he asked what do you see now on your scren after pressing the window logo + R? I said, I see some kind of a code on my screen..then I spelled it to says.. 1 D 1 0 T ..too bad he didnt get it what it

  146. I live in the UK and have just had one of these Windows + r calls. Strung the guy along for a while before telling him to go and do something physically and biologically impossible.

  147. Just got the call here in Charleston, SC
    number was 1-510-717-9101

    I acted very very concerned…Told him to hold on while I press the windows + R button, played the phone down on mute….When he said hello mam after about 3 minutes, I said hold on its taking a minute and put him on mute again…I tied him up about 10 minutes…Thats at least a few callers he won’t get to bother…..UGH!!!!

  148. Just got a call from “HP” to fix my virus they told me to do this step, so I googled it and found this. I though it was suspicios, good thing I called.

  149. I just had one of these phone scammers call too. I run Linux on my computer so I couldn’t really string him along, not that I would have downloaded and run the remote control program he would have asked me to, even if I did have a Microsoft Windows machine.

    I asked the heavily accented Indian guy if his mother was proud of him stealing money from people and pointed out that not everybody in Australia is rich, that I live below the poverty line and he’s trying to steal money from me? Then I hung up.

    It horrifies me that they think it’s okay to steal from people. I know elderly pensioners who have lost money they can’t afford to lose because of these people. I wonder how they rationalise it to themselves.

    1. You can have mine for free! They ring me every morning around 8.30 am UK time, sometimes other times as well. I play if I’ve nothing better to do or hang up if I’m busy.

  150. I had one of these calls, went along with him for quite some time…after about 15 minutes he ask me what my screen was reading. I told him it said “you are an f***ing idiot”…he called me a b*tch. I was quite shocked.
    Just had another one tonight, told him I had to do something and I would be right back, he was so sure he was going to scam me he stayed on the line for about 15 minutes… :-) they can be fun! Too bad some people actually believe them and get scammed.

  151. Just got a call from this number about 2 hrs ago… A man with a very strong East Indian accent (think Pakistani or Indian) who told me he was calling from “Windows” re my computer sending error messages to Microsoft… said he was calling to help me find out what the problem was… after I feigned not understanding him due to his thick accent, he put on another person who said he was the first guy’s supervisor… after I told him I could not understand him either, the second guy put on a third guy who had very good English, also with an East Indian accent. This guy wanted me to depress the fn and r keys on my computer keyboard… I played along but didn’t actually do so… after about ten minutes, the guy finally figured out I was messing with him… he then began to use extremely foul language, including calling me a “f$@!ing American” several times… I then calmly switched to Spanish and began to speak to him in Spanish as he continued to insult me … he then hung up…

  152. Obviously this scam is alive and well. Just got a call from ‘windows’ about some hacker reports they were receiving. I wish I had thought to reprimand her. Hard indian accent. Oh well. Hung up. All good.

  153. Got 4 calls, all the same story, heavy Indian accent, from Microsoft, my computer sending error messages, click the Windows key and the R at same time. I started talking to him like a very old lady who could not understand why my computer was sending wrong messages when I had nothing other than email. He insisted, thought I was fair game!, after wasting more than 15 minutes he got impatient and I asked why he kept saying something about Windows?? cause my windows were closed and the only thing on my computer was a half eaten Apple. He got very upset and hung-up. Then not even 10 minutes passed I got another call from same Indian saying he was calling from Apple Computer, I just busted laughing, couldn’t hold it~ he then proceeded to be sarcastic and saying explicit sexual language. I hung up!

  154. They tried with me today.
    While on the phone I google windows key + r and straight away found it was a scam.
    How they associate our phone number to our IP address, does it means they already installed the rootkit on my computer.
    I think is time for a new formatting.

  155. I just got a call and he said he worked for Microsoft and wanted to prove to me that he was looking at my computer and had my computer number. I said my IP address he said yeah that one. He said let me show you proof so you feel more comfortable. He said push the windows key and R at the same time. I said can’t I just look under my battery and you read it back to me? He said no I will show you real quick just push the windows key and R. I said I don’t understand what’s going on I worked all night and just went to bed so you will have to call back later. He said it only takes a second did you push it your information is about to be stolen you need to hurry. I was thinking yeah its about to be stolen real quick! Like as soon as I push this key! I didn’t push anything and told him to call back at 6 or 7 tonight and he said ok and hung up! We will see if he calls back. I opened my computer and run a full scan and everything was fine. While it was running I got on my phone and did a search of callers telling to push windows and R and all kinds of sh!t popped up about a scam. DaMN the IRS called last week said I had a warrant for my arrest and now my computer is being hacked! They are working all the angles, lazy ff#!$&!! Get a job

  156. Just got the same call. Foreigner I could barely understand. I told him I couldn’t understand a word he was saying (truth #1)…so he started talking louder in the same gibberish. Told me to press Ctrl R–I said I did (lie #1). He asked what I saw on my screen, and I said my desktop (lie #2). I said I had a call coming in and would need to call him back (lie #3). He said his name was Mac Johnson (lie #4) with Microsoft (lie #5) and I should heed his warnings or something bad was going to happen to the information on my PC (lie #6). They must think we’re idiots. Sad that people who don’t understand computers (and lying/cheating scammers) would fall for this. And how funny, JSmith! I got the same call 2 weeks ago from the IRS and have a warrant out for my arrest. They’re also coming to get my house, car and everything else I own. Guess that means the IRS will confiscate my computer. That’s OK, it apparently has a virus according to Mac Johnson.

  157. My wife had one of these this afternoon,we are in the UK, it was really funny coz she kept the lady with the really heavy accent on the phone for ages. she was asked to press the windows key and R and was asked what she could see, “Nothing has changed ” said my wife. The Indian lady then became helpful and tried this over and over for ages until my wife then announced that all the computers in our house are all using Linux Mint. The Indian lady was totally confused and kept repeating …” what is Linux Mint ? ” .” what is Linux Mint ? ” she obviously has never heard of it. My wife then hung up on her because we have a life LOL.

  158. This scam has been going on for many years. I first noticed the hackers back in 2007. So I’ve had hackers for 10 years. They always ask first, “are you near to your computer?” They like to say they work for Microsoft or windows. What I do when they call, is to put them on hold “temporarily; then I pick up the phone every few minutes to see if they are still there. After playing with them like a fish on a line, I hang up on them. I have other ways to play with them that I cannot mention here (because they are probably watching me write at this moment. Call the police and make a report. At least you will have it documented if they ever get away with your stuff. The police probably won’t do anything unfortunately. But this is INTERNATIONAL CYBER CRIME and can be reported to the FCC. Good Luck, let’s get these b——s!

  159. Scam is still running, today my Servicedesk environment twice got the call (only one number for them, so they are stubborn).

    Only 30 minutes ago, I got the call…they will just go through their script, because I was replying in dutch. Told them my computer was off. She insisted I pressed the windows + R key (after asking me if I had a CTRL key, to which I replied, yes and a shift and alt and.. no no, just the ctrl, what key was next to it? The flag key lol.). Even while I told her in dutch the PC was off. As it dawned to me I was answering my cellphone, I hung up, but I am pretty sure they will try again, as my colleague got it twice, with about 2 hours between. I will play it out. Not sure if I go the Linux version or I am going to use an IP of the FBI. 😛

  160. Just had the most amazing time with these guys over the phone. I’m sure I’ve made him a fan of Patrice Rushen however I even took the song back to the good bit for him just to listen too.

    Not too sure how he felt about Alicia Myers though as he started to tell me not to waste his precious time. All we know is he talks good S*** and he isn’t a friend but, what we do know is he has a mixed taste in music.

    One Love

  161. I got a call today about this very scam. When we got to the part about entering and running program I said yeah, I’m not going to do that I am not stupid. He replied by saying I am spending my precious time to help a stupid mother effing woman like you fix your computer which has a very bad virus…WHOAH!!! Seriously? First of if you were really customer service trying to help me you surely would not speak to me that way so thank you for you time and hung up. They just will stop at nothing. It is obviously still working and they are still making money off people or they would not still be doing it. This call call from New York but both men had very thick accents…possibly indian but I am no expert.

  162. 0870 444181 – The number was withheld but the caller reluctantly gave me it when I asked.
    ‘Mark’ (Indian / Asian accent) was calling from ‘BT technical services’ – I have been downloading malicious files, apparently.
    Couldn’t answer my question about why this only applies to my Windows computer when I use my Apple one more.
    When I asked him a question he clearly had to go back and read from his script.
    Wanted me to press Windows+R. Told him to kindly remove my number from his call list (and a few other things besides)!

  163. I had a call tell me I had a problem with my windows and I said yes I order 10 of them for my house and they haven’t arrived yet. He kept saying my windows and I kept saying that I was waiting to get them so I can put then on my house and he replied go ****yourself. Hahaha hahaha

  164. Just got a call from a “BT guy”. My BT connection is not working so well, isn’t it? Ups and downs? Told to press windows + R.

  165. got the call from windows to fix a virus that was infecting our computer. my wife played dumb and led her on for 10 minutes and then told her to call back, which she did about 10 minutes later and again my wife played dumb again and wasted another 10 + minutes of her time and was still able to get her to call back again . Then I took the call and played with her for another good 10 minutes finally getting her frustrated enough that she was going to hang up at which point we told her that we were not idiots and that she was a piece of s!@t . She called us the

  166. Look up relevant videos on youtube to see ways people deal with these people – if you have some spare time you can have fun. Mine threw the hook out of her mouth much sooner than I would have liked, but I did ask her which computer are you talking about and when she said type “a as in alpha”, I said “a as in what?” and tried to get her to spell “alpha”

    I got greedy and told her I just had a power failure but the power company said the power should come back on in 30 minutes, could she stay on the line.

    She hung up

  167. The scam is alive and well. I just had the same experience as many others who have commented on this blog. I knew it was a scam from the beginning and was curious to hear the guy’s line about what to do next. I let him walk me through much of it, though I wasn’t doing what he asked. We spent about 10 minutes on the phone. When I asked to call him back to finish up, he abruptly ended the call and accused me of “wasting” HIS time. Another indignant scam artist. I hope I put a speed bump in his day.

  168. Warning: These people who ask you to run any command are scam artists!!!!!!!! They are not legitimate and will not willingly remove you from their calling list either. It is a shame that they continue to prey on people. They do not respect the “do not call” list in Canada. Ignore these people. Give them a piece of your mind then hang up.

    1. Better yet, get a marine signal horn and give them a blast, or scream a high-pitched scream into the phone. This works especially well if you cover the phone as you speak so they have to hug their earpieces close to their ears.

  169. Just had one of these calls I have windows error ok
    played along I said I don’t know it`s not working can it be that I’m not running windows you DF I’m using Linux.

  170. I got a call today 07/25/17..number that came up on my phone was 226-235-48 all my calls are recorded and yes she started to ask me to press the windows button then letter r at that point I told her the call was being recorded and she said that’s then went dead..what a scam but hard luck it didn’t work on me!!

  171. Routinely get calls from people who all speak with Indian accents. When they ask me to hit windows+r, I either do nothing but tell them I did it, and keep them on the phone as long as I can, or else I call them a scammer and blast a marine signal horn into the phone. They never learn!

    PS – does anyone know how we can pull a reverse on them and plant a virus on THEIR computers?

  172. These people did not call me, but did freeze my screen with a Call Microsoft @ xxx-×××-×××× You have a Trojan malware issue! ” Back screen was red and scary. …I called thinking this may be real….lol. Wasted as much of his time as I could. He had the balls to call and attempt to harass me for the next 10 minutes. Unplugged the phone!

  173. LOL! Just receive one this morning from 323-583-1220. I played along, and wasted 15 minutes of his time. I kept asking him to repeat the instructions, and he finally hanged up.

  174. Just got a call. They called my cell 3-4 times yesterday. Caller ID says unknown. So I answered today so they would quit calling. Very thick accents. Could hardly understand them. They seemed to have my IP address. Got a phone number and a company they said they were working for Avangate 510-24-8553 … claimed to be working for the US Govt and not scammers. Wanted me to press the windows key and D R. I hung up on them once. They called back immediately 2 x’s. I didn’t answer. On the 3rd ring I answered to try to get more info … which I did. Then I told them I had an emergency and needed to get off the phone. Then I called the Atty General’s office with the info I got. They haven’t called back.

  175. I did one better than all of you. When the heavily-accented voice on the phone told me this, I told him: “I am well aware of your scam. Now, I have some pictures of your mother f^%king a horse. Shall I put them up on the Internet, or do you want to buy them?” His response: [click] I probably won’t hear from him again.

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  177. Just had this call to my work phone. I immediately knew it was a scam and played along asking stupid questions along the way. Eventually I was just like “you know you’re calling a company with an IT dept. right?” and he yelled “Shut up! Stop wasting my time!” I laughed and said “well F*** you and stop wasting mine!!” Hung up and had a good laugh about it. These people are such scum!!

  178. I just received a call from a “Dell” representative saying that Dell had information that my computer had been contaminated and that I should press the “Windows + R” keys so that the condition could be repaired. I then hung up the phone and didn’t perform what he asked. From my reading of comments all people who have received such a call have hung up. No one has complied with the caller’s instructions. I would like to hear from someone who complied with the caller and learn what the outcome was from doing that.

    1. Just had this call. I knew immediately it was a scam. But fortunately I had some time to spare. So I played stupid and let guy to guide me through. I was not even on my computer, but thank remembered how it would go

      He spent something like 20 minutes with me. I was happy that I was able to consume his time away from people who might fall into that :)

      Eventually he hang up with me, out of frustration I would guess.

  179. I just had this call also, would knot Identify but demanded that I do a windows R so that my computer would not have a problem.
    NO way.

  180. Was called about an emergency from /windows. An older lady?? informed me that my windows key had expired. The phone # was 1-877-801-4940. Anyone know about this problem??? Did Not call back

  181. I am in UK and get a call on the landline probably daily, sometimes more than once a day. Normally the caller is shown as “Withheld” but quite often the number of the caller is shown. Today I had one supposedly from British Telecom, telling me there’s a fault in my internet system and I would be cut off for about 4 weeks. I pretended to be ignorant and asked what I could do and it got to the point when they wanted me to type Windows key+R and I pretended a lot of numbers had come up and was told I had made a mistake. At that point I had had enough and rang off. Obviously they thought they were on a winner, as they rang back five times!
    BT say they take security “extremely seriously” but not much seems to be happeneing. How do the scammers get the numbers they use to call people and, if one records callers’ numbers (which I do sometimes) why cannot they be caught?

  182. Rec’d a call from 284-334-9628 – claiming to be from Microsoft. He wanted me to press window + R. I told him I did it and he asked what I saw, I said a dog. Then he said do it again what do you see… I said I see another dog. He got angrier every time he told me to do it again and every time I told him that I saw another dog. Then he wanted me to shut down and restart. I asked why, it was already on, why would I want to shut down and turn it on when it was already on. This went on for 10 minutes. Then he said you must listen to me as he got more and more frustrated. He said I must shut down and restart. I said I could not I was in the middle of something. This went back and forth for 5 min or so… I just kept him on the phone to keep him from calling others. Then I asked him how he felt about trying to take advantage of unsuspecting people. I asked him if still has a soul or if he had sold it. He said I will keep calling you until you do what I tell you…

    1. 5 calls today – from Windows lol
      I messed with them for a long time – same level of frustration from them as you got. They all hung up on me :-)

    2. I got one of those calls and I did the windows key+r and typed in the website they asked me to enter but I stopped after that. Should I be worried?

  183. I just got this call. I fucked around with the foreigner and wasted as much of his time as I could until he got frustrated and hung up on me.

  184. I’ve received FIVE phone calls today (11/17/17) from east indians with extremley heavy accents – with names like Bob and Chad and Lisa LOL. Each one of them, when I can actually understand them and hear them over all the other people trying to get poor suckers to follow their directions, have wanted me to press the windows button and the F key – I’ve strung them along so badly that they just hang up.

  185. Just got a call. Claiming my computer has a virus and he was calling to help me fix it. Only problem is I don’t own a computer! I asked if he was a telemarketer and was told no it was a service call. I asked for the main office phone # which he gave. I informed him I was recording the conversation with the intent to sue. He hung up

  186. While it is amusing to see all the “just hang up” comments above, does anyone have advice what I should do because I didn’t hang up? Yep, pressed windows r. Now I’m afraid to reconnect to the internet.

  187. Just had the call from “BT technical support”. Said corrupted files were downloaded without my knowledge and if i gave my BT account number they would fix it remotely, otherwise my internet connection would becut for 60 days – oh dear! I said id call BT myself to check but she wasnt keen for me to do that so i cut the call. BT said they would never do this and it is a scammer calling. Looks like they are trying variations on the old scam so beware all you good people out there!

  188. Just got the Windows + R call. I was able to waste about 15 minutes of his time pretending to follow his instructions. I laughed so hard a couple of times that he said, “what you are laughing about” even though I said, “you’re trying to scam me and it’s hilarious”, he continued. In the end I said, “Ok, now I need you to press the keys that I tell YOU to press”. I said, “press the F key. Now Press the U key. Now begin to lick your own keyboard”. He hung up on me. HA! Fun.

  189. Windows + R call – Indian accent – purporting to be calling from Spark about my Internet connection having been hacked. I kept her going for about 5 minutes by telling her I had 5 machines (true) and which one was the problem? Then got the ‘supervisor’ – also a strong Indian accent. Kept him going for about 5 minutes then got bored. They rang back 3 more times, so I left the phone off the hook – that seemed to get the message across. Watch out New Zealand – we seem be the new target!

  190. Someone earlier asked how these scammers got their phone number and someone else responded that it was probably at random. Check this out – I set up a relatives brand new tablet running Windows 10 today. After connecting to our home WiFi network and going through the setup questions – that include a request for a telephone number – the phone rang and the scammer began his pitch. This was NOT a random call, it was as a direct result of me entering the number into the tablet during the startup process. It was so soon after entering it the windows update was only 5% downloaded. Either the tablet was already hacked or the scammers have access to Microsoft’s database somehow.

  191. My 12 year old son wanted to scam the scammers. He researched for scam numbers and we called so many of them, 10 to 20 minutes each call, a total of 10 calls. We didn’t think to record them all, we just wanted to waste their time, and do what they do to good people. So, we only recorded one.
    The link I’m posting was about 5 minutes into the call before we started recording it. The recording is 10 minutes, and it’s my 12 year old son and I and we’re in our pajamas, forgive my messy appearance! LOL
    I pretended to be from Tennessee and had a thick accent. Enjoy!!

  192. I just received a call from 530-336-6682 a guy with an India accent,,,,claimed he was from Microsoft and he needed me to hit the windows key + R. I told him I wasn’t going to do it. He He proceeded to assure me by giving me an employee ID # WTD4632. Lol, I told him I wasn’t stupid enough to let a foreigner access my computer or anyone for that matter unless I had called Microsoft with a problem to start with. He kept insisting I needed to do this to protect my computer. I finally told him to go suck some foreign nuts and a dick if he liked but I was not stupid enough to do this. He decided he would hang up on me! Lmao!

  193. You can have mine for free! They ring me every morning around 8.30 am UK time, sometimes other times as well. I play if I’ve nothing better to do or hang up if I’m busy.

  194. i just had a call this morning telling me to press windows + r and then enter eventvwr on the box.
    they claim to be calling from my service provided BT. I asked where they are and why there is no caller id on my phone. They claim to be in London, but I can hear a lot of Indian speaking in the background.
    I asked them to give me their telephone number so I can call them back and they wouldnt but kept insisting they are in London.
    Beware! they might even put a virus in your laptop, so they can sell you something to clear it.

  195. Scam is still going strong. I received a call from “Robert Johnson” (with an Indian accent) from Microsoft telling me they detected suspicious activity on my computer. Idiots!

  196. I strung them along before telling them I run Linux not windows and have no windows key. Next time they call I have an air horn I will respond with

  197. Got a call from a Indian guy saying he was a “Microsoft support”. He said there was someone trying to hack my computer. I told him i had the anti virus webroot and he said that wasn’t enough protection so he wanted me to push “windows start button and R” on the key board at the same time. I asked him to tell me what would happen and he kept refusing to tell me. I told him i wouldn’t do what he said unless he told me what will happen. Then he said “F**k you and go to hell” then proceeded to hang up on me. lol

  198. Lmfao I just got a call, they started with the viruses thing and said they was from windows and needed to help me remove it. They asked me to press the windows key and R. I said ok. He said do you see the black box.. I said sure he said delete everything in it and type CMD R like in Russia. I said ok. Then he said can you read that. I said yes what is going on lol he said I’m hacking you and in two hours I will have all your info. I just laughed and laughed. I said ok then I will hang up now call me back and let me know how this works for you…. I never typed in anything. In fact the funniest thing is I don’t have a PC I have an iPad lmfao.

  199. Asking questions are in fact good thing if you are not understanding anything completely, except this paragraph gives pleasant understanding even.

  200. had a call this morning, Indian guy. I live in central London I asked was he , his reply yes he was from TalkTalk he wanted to check my computer.

    I was extremely polite and said I was delighted for his customer care call. He said to go and press the microsoft key and r. I put this into my Google browser and it came up as a scam.

    Meanwhile the caller was asking frantically what is the computer screen saying?

    I replied its saying you’re a scam merchant.

    In his unbelievable soft butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth tone no I’m not, so I then hung up.

  201. And so it continues, just had a similar call saying he was from BT Open Rich he tried for ages to get me to hit window key R, after a bit fun I eventually said I hadn’t heard of BT Open Rich he told me I wasn’t from the UK if I hadn’t heard of them, got bored hung up

  202. I rang BT after such a scam phone call and they put me on a protected call scheme where both the number they called from today and any other numbers they use in the future are blocked.

  203. I got this call just today at work. I really tried to humor him and string him along, but honestly, his English was so bad, neither of us could understand either of us. He definitely wanted me to press the windows key and “R”, but thats as far we we got before i lost patience. I was like, “Can we just cut to the chase, and i send you some money?”, and he was like “huh?” How does he think he can scam somebody without even being able to string a few sentences together? The number on the caller ID shows as 714 951 2870, out of Brooklyn.

  204. Thank you for this information. I frustrated the hell out of the Indian man on the phone until he got so angry he started yelling. I then abruptly told him to get well and truely F@$%ED.

  205. I just received a call also wasted his time for 20 to 30 minutes. I told him pushing the windows and R did nothing, he then wanted me to open chrome but I told him I’m old and my son works on this slow computer most of the time ( not really old) I told him i had an E on ththe bottom he told me to open that Internet explorer. (told him it’s slow to open wasting more time) once i told him it was open he wanted me to type in “121SAFE.ML” He then asked me what came up, and i said it says “Stop wasting my f*ing time don’t call me again” They have called me for the last 3 days

  206. A woman with an Indian ((India)) accent called me today
    and tried pulling this scam on me.

    I led her on for 15 minutes B4 telling her to go EFF herself

  207. I have upteen calls from “BT Open Reach” about my broadband. Usually I just tell them to take me off the list and go away but on the third call today!!!!! I let the man witter on for a bit. He wanted to tell me about the problems I have on the internet and how I should press the windows button plus R. When I explained I had not intention of giving his remote access or doing anything on my PC that he directed, and I had reported the calls to TPS, he said “good luck with that” and got a bit shirty. I hung up. Still trying to pull this scam.

  208. I got one of these calls yesterday. The person supposedly from “Windows” spoke some English and the words were very hard to understand (instead of virus I was hearing “wires”??) When I asked for his name he said: “Frank Williams” – NO WAY! They wanted $235 to fix a problem that didn’t exist in my computer. The number they called me from is: 291-171-9570

  209. DIFFERENT SCAM THAN DISCUSSED ABOVE. Today I saw a sponsored ad featuring a recipe on Facebook. I clicked the link, got a webpage to which my computer added a message: unsafe webpage, click here to close it. In front of my computer’s message was a red banner telling me to call a number for computer support. My computer would not respond to any keyboard commands, the red banner had frozen the screen. I called the number, a man with an Indian access identified himself as computer support. He asked whether I was using a laptop or desktop and how old it was. I said laptop, 2 years. He instructed me to type Windows-R. I said, what will that do? He refused to tell me. I kept pressing him. Eventually he said, if you don’t do exactly what I tell you I can’t help you, you’ll have to go to your computer store. I said, I see that you can’t help me. I hung up. I had to hard-boot the computer. It came up normally after processing some software updates. Opened Norton, all normal. Ran a quick antivirus scan, no problems seen. I added a warning comment on the Facebook ad, then reported it as spam/misleading, they give no way to explain. BEWARE. It’s not always a phone call that you get.

  210. Just received a call from an Asian sounding lady claiming to be from BT and quoting the usual windows start key and letter R. She claimed that my internet and home phone would be cut off tomorrow if I did not carry out her instructions.
    Telephone number called from was 014883444633
    Eventually hung up.
    Caller immediately recalled me and launched into a foul mouthed rant.

  211. Just commenting to say this scam is still running. Received a call today about it. I had no intentions of following through with it, but I played along to see what their end game was. He figured it out and hung up on me first.

    1. Just got that call. Told them they were full of it (and a bunch more stuff…) and hung up, they called back THREE more times, the last two times from blocked numbers.

  212. The scam is still going strong today! I like to keep them on the phone as long as possible so they won’t scam someone else.

    This last time I kept telling him nothing was happening when I pressed the Windows key & “R”.

    He said: “what do you see on the screen?”
    Me: “Nothing”
    Him: “Nothing?”
    Me: “Yeah, it’s blank”
    Him: “It’s Blank?”
    Me: “Yeah the computer is turned off.”
    Him: “Well turn it on!”
    Me: “Why? You’re just some ahole scam artist!”
    Him: Unprintable is a family environment!

    Happy Holidays!

  213. This just happened to me as well… what the heck?!! I let him think he was guiding me through the steps and everytime I gave him a wrong answer to what he was asking he would get really annoyed… fact… if they are scamming you then they definitely are going to be impatient… call came from 925 area code Bay Area California…

  214. So it keeps happening – now saying they are calling from a telco and when pretend to follow directions – then say I have a clear screen they hang up on you now. Silly

  215. just had one from amazon saying someone tried to log into my account and buy a smart phone he told me to press windows key & r so i put the phone down

  216. I just had one of these calls in Sept.. 2020. They are saying that I paid for some kind of security service when I purchased my computer and that it is no longer supported and they want to give me a refund after removing it from the system. I also did not make any changes to my account and i called my real security provider to make sure my systems are working correctly! Turns out it does need updates but I know these updates will come directly from my internet security provider!

  217. I just received a call today 12/15/2020 from “Amazon Cyber Security” stating someone in Mexico has purchased a $400 giftcard using my Amazon account. Checked Amazon, no suspicious emails. He asked me to check the settings on my computer. I asked what this had to do with Amazon? He said I may have clicked a suspicious link in an email and he had to check my computer settings. Told me to press Windows + R. I told him I was at work and would have to go and call him back and asked for a callback number. He got very agitated and said no, and asked for a time it would be convenient for HIM to call ME back. I said no, and again insisted on getting his name and callback number. He said his number was 202-301-7948 and his name was Kevin Lee. I tried calling the number and just get a busy tone. Total scam. What’s weird is its Christmastime so I had JUST placed an Amazon order for last minute gifts.

  218. I got a call from a number that showed up on my caller ID as being from Cox Communications in Atlanta. The caller had an Indian accent and sounded like he was calling from a boiler room so likely the phone number was spoofed. He said something about how my anti-virus program wasn’t working and that I might have a computer virus. He asked me to press the Windows key and R. I knew it was a scam so I told him to wait for a minute, then I held the phone to my computer and played a YouTube clip from “The Exorcist” where the priests come in to perform the exorcism and Linda Blair’s character starts swearing and ranting. He hung up and then called back a minute later, and I played the clip again. He hung up again and didn’t bother calling back.

  219. I let him talk and when he said to press Window + R ( I did Not do it ) . But I told him I did it, then he asked me, (what does it say ?) I tod him it sais FUCK YOU ,,, he hang up

  220. I just received a call from Amazon saying someone from “overseas” attempted to purchase and iphone11. They asked me to run the command prompt and they were very quick to say “why would I say I was recording this if I was doing something illegal”. I hung up. The scam is still going strong!

  221. Got a call from someone claiming they were Amazon cybersecurity stating that someone from Dayton OH was trying to purchase a nintendo for $360 using my Amazon Prime account. He said I must have clicked on a link and was hacked. I became suspicious when he asked me to open my laptop and press windows R so he can identify the IP address of the hacker who was on my network. I asked him if he is really with Amazon, how did he know I was hacked, and how is info from my computer going to identify a hacker in Ohio. Absurd. He said he would call back on a recorded line and hung up and called back from 846-539-3480. While he was talking I did a quick google of both phone numbers he called from and an IRS scam came up associated with both numbers. So these people cover various scams apparently. I also called Amazon directly and they told me they never call customers for matters like this and to report it to the FCC govt complaint website which I did. Never give any sensitive info to anyone on the phone or by email. Any legit company does not work like that. So sad how these scammers do these things.

  222. I got a scam contact too and told to go into window key and r. Does anyone know how to delete a webside that is on window key r. I had surgery and was not thinking clearly when I added one in error due to a scam. Those people and scum bags and should get an honest job. Please help me. Thank You!!! Also thank you for the inovative ways when they call. I expecially like the one with the whistle. Thank You all again.

  223. Today I got a call saying they were Xfinity/Comcast and they had detected that my security was set at Low. They told me they could fix my problem but I would need to get off my iPad and go to my PC. They said anyone could log in with my credentials until I fixed the problem. Phone call was from 855-270-0379 and caller sounded like a foreigner. In any case they told me that once at the PC that I would need to push the Windows and r keys to get started. Seem the scam has continued into 2022. Also, it appears that scam won’t work for Apple devices as they have no Windows key.

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