Windows key+M: Minimize all Windows

We started covering the Windows key back when the blog first started on February 23. (Recall that the Windows key by itself will show the Start menu; combined with different keystrokes, you can perform other useful tasks.)

One of the most useful shortcuts we covered is Windows key+D to show the Desktop. Related to that is a similar keystroke: Windows key+M will minimize all of the open applications that can be minimzied, showing only dialog boxes. Try it out!

(If you want to minimize only the current window, try this minimize shortcut.)

2 thoughts on “Windows key+M: Minimize all Windows”

  1. I had received a call from Indian sounding person (Peter), Phone# (660-530-9633) told me, he was calling from Dell. He asked me to hit Windows and R key at the same time.

    I also had another message on my voicemail couple days back “This is Microsoft calling, your license key has expired and Microsoft has stopped providing services, call 855-652-0572 to renew the services”.


    I went to college for computer science and can fix my own PC. However; I am concerned there are lot of people who are not computer savvy who may easily trust these people…

  2. 7/16/2020 I am 76 yrs. today a man of India dialect called me and said I am owed $299.00 refund that i purchased a year ago. and that the company is closing due to corona virus and therefore I will get my money back. The first thing he said was press control, plus windows key and R. so i told him to wait while I turned my computer on. I was already at my browser and just asked it what those 3 key strikes meant. Thank goodness i saw that it was a scam.

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