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It’s time for another week of Firefox shortcuts.

Firefox is the open-source Web browser from Mozilla; learn more about it (and download it for free) here.

I previously reported that you can use Ctrl+F to Find text. Well, in Firefox, you can do it even faster — just hit the slash key (down on the lower right, next to the period and right Shift key).

Immediately your cursor will move to a Quick Find box at the bottom of the screen. Type in the text that you want to find on the current page in your browser, and you’ll automatically jump to the appropriate place and see that text highlighted.

One thought on “/: Find on page in Firefox”

  1. Thanks as always for the tips.

    About this use of / in FF, this is interesting. I notice that this is different from Ctrl-F in a couple of ways. First, it doesn’t let you do a next/prev (as the other find does). Instead, once it finds, it stops. If you hit enter, it doesn’t repeat the find (as in Ctrl-F). Also, hitting / again doesn’t repeat the find, and unlike Ctrl-F, it doesn’t show in the find field the value last used, so you have to type it again. Finally, curiously, even if you do type the text again, it doesn’t find the “next” value. It finds the same value just found (if any). It’s as if it doesn’t advance the cursor beyond the found text.

    None of these are annoyances, just differences that may have advantages if you understand them. For instance, since it “just stops” and can’t be repeated, then if what is found is text in a hyperlink, the find with / actually selects the hyperlink, so you can just hit enter to execute the link. Using Ctrl-F, you’d have to hit escape first (to remove the option for doing next/prev).

    Naturally, another difference is that the / naturally won’t work while typing in a text field, so you have to use Ctrl-F in that case.

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