Ctrl+B: Open Bookmarks pane in Firefox

Press Ctrl+B and a new pane appears on the left side of your Firefox browser: The Bookmarks pane. Your cursor will automatically appear in the search box. Type in a few letters, and only those pages you’ve bookmarked that include those letters are listed. Press Tab to jump down to the results, and then press Enter on the one you want to open. Press Ctrl+B again to toggle off the Bookmarks pane.

(Note that in Internet Explorer, Ctrl+B lets you organize your bookmarks.)

4 thoughts on “Ctrl+B: Open Bookmarks pane in Firefox”

  1. Thanx, Estephen – but that is not what i meant. I have a window in Firefox that used to use CtrlB for BOLD. Now that i switched from IE (where CtrlB did BOLD), I lost that shortcut. In short: I want do disable CtrlB to open Bookmarks (Ctrl+I as well), in order to use them for Bold and Italic in a specific firefox window.
    Thanks anyway!

  2. Ah, hmm. Well, whatever special web site was letting you use Ctrl+B for bold, that was something they set up. There’s probably a setting in Firefox to disable that keyboard shortcut, but I’m sorry to say I don’t know how to do it.

    You might see if Ctrl+Alt+B works on that web page for Bold, since that keystroke does nothing in Firefox.

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