Ctrl+T: Create hanging indent in Word

In Word, sometimes you want to create what’s called a “hanging indent” (where the first line of a paragraph is at the usual spot on the left margin, but all the subsequent lines in that paragraph are moved in to the next tab stop).

Find a paragraph that’s more than one line long, hit Ctrl+T, and you can see how it looks for yourself. Press it several times if you want to indent the second and later lines to the next tab stop.

12 thoughts on “Ctrl+T: Create hanging indent in Word”

    1. No idea how to do it properly, but:

      Open a new document, or go somewhere else in the document not effected.
      Type in some random text, and select it. Hit the format painter button, then return to the section that has the hanging indent, and select it. Format painter will overwrite the destination’s formatting with the source’s, removing the hanging indent.

      1. THANK YOU!
        I’ve accidentally created this hanging indent a million times because I’m rushing to switch to my browser and open a new tab by pressing Control+T. Then it’s been annoyingly tricky to get it out of the text again…

      2. Thank you so much! I can’t count the number of times I accidentally made the hanging indent and then have to spend a lot of time to get rid of it.

      3. Thank you :) you saved my bacon……..I accidently did this when meaning to press ctrl+i (italic style…..to type a ‘t’) but pressed ctrl+t instead (I often do this with ctrl shortcuts when I am rushing, it gets annoying).

  1. Hi, I’m using Word 2010 with quite a few macros etc. but for some reason my CTRL+T doesn’t work at all, is there a way to re-set this up?
    Thanks for any help

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