One key to get to your favorite web site

We’ve covered custom keyboard shortcuts before, but today I’m going to focus on how to call up your favorite web site with just one keystroke. We’ll review some previously covered keyboard shortcuts along the way.

  1. Minimize everything and show the Desktop with Windows+D. The Desktop appears.
  2. Call up the shortcut menu with Shift+F10. A shortcut menu appears. (This won’t work if you have a desktop item selected. Another way to do this step is to just right-click on an empty part of the desktop.)
  3. Use the arrow keys and Enter to select the New command, or press the W key to select New (since the w is underlined, that’s the shortcut key). A sub-menu appears.
  4. Select “Shortcut” by using the down arrow and Enter. The Create Shortcut dialog box appears.
  5. Enter in the URL for your favorite web site. Include the http:// part, so for example, enter in if you want to visit Press Alt+N to click the Next button. The “Select a Title for the Program” screen appears.
  6. Type in a title for this shortcut (it doesn’t really matter what you type). For example, you could type “TiVo” if you entered Then press Enter to Finish. The shortcut appears on the desktop.
  7. Press the first letter of the title you just entered. You may have to hit that letter more than once if you have multiple items on your Desktop all named with the same first letter. Eventually your item is selected.
  8. Press Alt+Enter to get the Properties menu for this item.
  9. Press Tab to select the Shortcut Key text box. Enter in a keystroke you’d like to use to call up this item. For TiVo, for example, you might enter Ctrl+Alt+T. Your keystroke must use either Ctrl+Alt, Ctrl+Shift, or Shift+Alt.
  10. Press Enter to finish creating the shortcut to your favorite web site with your custom shortcut key.

Try it! Press your custom keystroke and notice how a web browser appears and your web page is loaded.

Now write down your new shortcut on a sticky note so you don’t forget and so you get in the habit of using it!

Note: If you create more than one shortcut with the same keystroke, the first shortcut created has priority.

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