Shift+F1: What is this?

Major applications support Shift+F1 to let you know what a particular part of the screen is about. Hit Shift+F1 and your point turns into an arrow with a question mark (presuming your application supports this feature). Then click on something you want to know about, and some contextual help will appear.

7 thoughts on “Shift+F1: What is this?”

  1. I already knew this shortcut, as well as some of the other ones listed on here. But in general, you’re maintaining a really nice archive of very useful shortcuts (one I do and don’t know). Keep at it! P.S. how’s the little one?

  2. I have a Citrix application for which F13, or SHIFT+F1 clears messages. However, Win7 captures the key stroke and pops the Start menu instead. I would like to disable the SHIFT+F1 key for windows so it can be used in MY application. Any ideas?

  3. I would also like to know how to stop getting the start menu popping up when I need to use shift f1 (F13) in an antiquated program at job. My IT person sent me the computer’s user manual and told me to turn off the function lock key. Neither of these were helpful. Thank you!

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