Shift+Option+Volume Up/Down keys: Fine volume control on a Mac

So lately the “…of the Day” portion of this blog’s title has been a big lie. I figure, why not make the “Windows” part a lie too? My friend Kevin “Fury” Fox just sent me this tip for Mac users:

If you hold down Shift and Option while using the keyboard volume keys, you can increase or decrease the volume in quarter steps.

Normally there are 17 levels of volume. If you use Shift+Option, you can get 64 levels of volume — great for when you want something just a little bit louder or softer.

Disclaimer: I don’t have a Mac, and haven’t used one in 10 years, so I have no personal experience with this.

3 thoughts on “Shift+Option+Volume Up/Down keys: Fine volume control on a Mac”

  1. Sounds like you ran out of topics. :-)

    I appreciate your blog. They are useful.

    As for more topics: You could expand the application coverage, like talk about VMWare/VirtualPC, etc.You could do a “best of” series, or a cheat sheet linking post. You could also talk about how to define your own keyboard shortcuts using various built-in and add-on programs. Or you can start advocating keyboard over mouse like Coding Horror.

    Oh wait, is this April Fools? It is in my time zone. :-]

  2. That would have been clever if I had done it as an April Fools. :) But no, I’m not that clever.

    I appreciate the suggestions — I actually have a few dozen ideas, just not the time to write them up. The application coverage is right on — when I get back on track, I have several weeks for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and a few others.

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