Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc.: Switch tabs in Firefox — Ctrl+9 for last tab

In Firefox, once you’ve opened a new tab (with Ctrl+T, remember?), you already knew you could use Ctrl+Page Up and Ctrl+Page Down to switch tabs.

But you can also use Ctrl followed by a number key.

  • Ctrl+1: Switch to the first tab
  • Ctrl+2: Switch to the second tab
  • Ctrl+3: Switch to the third tab
  • Ctrl+4: Switch to the fourth tab
  • Ctrl+5: Switch to the fifth tab
  • Ctrl+6: Switch to the sixth tab
  • Ctrl+7: Switch to the seventh tab
  • Ctrl+8: Switch to the eighth tab
  • Ctrl+9: Switch to the LAST tab

No matter how many tabs you have open, Ctrl+9 will switch to the one that’s on the far right.

(You may wonder: What does Ctrl+0 do? Well, if you’ve used Ctrl+= or Ctrl+- to change the font sizes on a page, Ctrl+0 sets all the font sizes back to the default.)

One thought on “Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc.: Switch tabs in Firefox — Ctrl+9 for last tab”

  1. Useful. Thanks. On the subject of switching among tabs by keyboard, does anyone know one to go back to the last viewed tab? I don’t mean ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab, ,which goes to and from tabs next to each other.

    I mean, if you click or use a shortcut to jump to a tab several tabs away, how can you get back to that original tab when you want to return?

    Yes, one could use one of the the shortcuts above, but you’d need to know where the original tab is in the order of all tabs. I just wonder if we should have to know that. I just want to go back to whatever tab I came from. :-)

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