Ctrl+Space Bar: Select Column in Excel; Shift+Space Bar: Select Row in Excel

In Excel, hit Ctrl plus the Space Bar to select the entire column of your active or selected cells. (Then you can delete all the cell contents with the delete key, or copy with Ctrl+C or whatever you like.)

Similarly, Shift plus the Space Bar selects the entire row of cells.

For example, suppose you want to move a column. Follow these steps:

  1. Move your cursor to some cell in the column you want to move. (Remember you can press F5 to instantly go anywhere.)
  2. Press Ctrl+Space Bar. The entire column is selected.
  3. Press Ctrl+X to Cut the column.
  4. Move your cursor to the location right where you want the column inserted.
  5. Press Shift+F10 to display the shortcut menu.
  6. Using the arrow keys and Enter, select the Insert Cut Cells command.

3 thoughts on “Ctrl+Space Bar: Select Column in Excel; Shift+Space Bar: Select Row in Excel”

  1. I HATE this feature – I’m forever typing Shift Space – then the WHOLE row gets put into a formula and it’s not even correct syntax. PLEASE can I turn this off!!

    1. LOL, It’s 10 years old post, but I’m also searching for keyboard shortcut to select just single row (so I could delete it by Ctrl+(Num-) or insert above it by Crtl+(Num+)). I have merged cells in first column so Shift+Space is selecting multiple rows instead of just one. So I have to mouse click the row number in order to select exact row.
      Didn’t find the solution so far. Recording a macro of mouse click did not help either.

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