Alt+4, Alt+5, Alt+6, Alt+7: Other buttons in the file dialog box

By now you may have figured out the pattern: When using Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and at the moment when you have a file dialog box open, you can use the Alt key plus a number to select the buttons along the top right.

We’ve already seen three:

  • Alt+1: Back (a folder)
  • Alt+2: Up one level (of folders)
  • Alt+3: Search the Web

But there are several more:

  • Alt+4: Delete (if you have a file or folder selected)
  • Alt+5: Create New Folder
  • Alt+6: Views
  • Alt+7: Tools (pulls down the Tools menu)

Because the buttons are in the same order, 1 through 7, it actually becomes fairly easy to remember which button to press.

Several of these, such as Alt+5, are actually useful. Whether or not you use these shortcuts depends on how often you use the buttons. Practice!

Remember, the easiest way to see this dialog box is to press F12 when using Word, Excel or PowerPoint to get the Save As dialog box, or to press Ctrl+O for the Open dialog box.

3 thoughts on “Alt+4, Alt+5, Alt+6, Alt+7: Other buttons in the file dialog box”

  1. These shortcuts above, the “Alt + (Number)” ones for MSWord 2007 don’t work for me! Is it because I am using Vista? I tried using each one on the “Save As” dialog box which pops up when I hit F12. Nothing. Please help?

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