6 thoughts on “Ctrl+Click: Open link in new tab (Firefox, Chrome, IE)”

  1. Is it possible to remove Ctrl+Click option to open new window in IE. There are certain online forms where you have to select mutiple option with the use of ctrl + click in order to make the selection. I am unable to do so from my laptop in IE 7.

    I will appreciate any help to get around this shortcut.

  2. i am facing issue like while open IE 9 version new tab i need to press ctrl key, please give the solution for that,

  3. Gmail does this somehow, at least in Chrome. Shift+click on an email row and you open that email in a new window. Ctrl+click and you open it in a new tab. Only problem: digging into gmail s obfuscated code is a PITA Sergio Jun 3 ’13 at 16:26

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