Alt+Ctrl+S: Split the screen in Microsoft Word

This morning I was working with a long document in Microsoft Word, and I wanted to compare something I’d written on page 43 with something that written back on page 2. I was frequently jumping back and forth.
The easiest way to handle such tasks is to split the screen so that you can display page 2 on the top half, and page 43 on the bottom half, and then work with whatever half you want.

It’s not 100% keyboard only, but try this:

  1. Press Alt+Ctrl+S, and a split cursor appears.
  2. Press Up Arrow or Down Arrow until the split is where you want it, then press Enter. The screen is split.
  3. Now, scroll to wherever you want (and remember the Ctrl+G or F5 shortcut that lets you go to whatever page you want right away). You scroll in one half, while the other half of the split displays the other portion of the document.
  4. I don’t know of a keyboard method to change which part of the split you work with, so you’ll need to use the mouse to click in the top portion or bottom portion as needed if you want to make edits.
  5. When you’re all done with the split, press Alt+Shift+C, and the split is removed.

Note that a split is really just a different way of viewing the same document — you only have one copy. Any changes you make in the top portion are immediately reflected in the bottom portion, and vice versa.

9 thoughts on “Alt+Ctrl+S: Split the screen in Microsoft Word”

  1. Actually, you don’t need the shift, just f6 will do, =)

    (Helpful when you already have to press the function key to get f6… this way it’s only fn+f6, not shift+fn+f6, haha)

  2. **EDIT**

    F6 switches forward, SHIFT+F6 switches back–both are necessary unless you want to switch between other undesired panes, like the tabs or the low ribbon, etc.

  3. I hate this, all other programs use this combo to “Save As”, so I’m sure plenty of people try to save their document with an alternate name (like adding “v2” or “_signed”) and instead they get what looks like a glitch happening inside Word. Dumb.

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