Shift+End, Backspace: Delete the rest of the line

Here’s a combination that I use frequently when I find myself in the middle of a line of text and I want to remove the rest:

  1. Make sure your cursor is to the left of all the text you wish to erase. (Use the left arrow and right arrow key as necessary.)
  2. Press Shift+End. All the text between your cursor and the end of the line is selected.
  3. Press the Backspace (or Delete) key. The text is erased.

Much faster than pressing the delete key a bunch of times.

3 thoughts on “Shift+End, Backspace: Delete the rest of the line”

  1. You can use several of these shortcuts to fine-tine your selected text. For example, you could press Shift+End to select the text to the end of the current line, and then press Shift+Down to also select the line below it.

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