Windows+Home: Minimize all windows EXCEPT the active window

Sometimes you want to minimize every window except the one that you’re using, so that you can see the desktop but keep working.

Press Windows and the Home key. All other windows minimize down to the task bar.

Press Windows+Home again, and the other windows are restored to where they were.

Note that if your active window is maximized, you won’t really see anything happening. This tip is only useful if the active window takes up less than the full screen.

3 thoughts on “Windows+Home: Minimize all windows EXCEPT the active window”

  1. Such kond 0f keyboard shortcut techniques is really very needed but all the users to access any platform in an efficient manner. It will actually increase the productivity level as we as save the access time of any users.

  2. too close to (if not outright in) the every answer is equally valid: What’s your favorite ______? category specifically forbidden in the help. Coolest is too subjective, as evident by the fact the keyboard shortcut is beating out the answer you were looking for. This could be reworded into something like, Is there a mouse based way to minimize all windows except the active one? and become a useful question. jpmc26 May 5 ’15 at 2:01

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