Application Shortcut Keys

Most Windows applications will let you use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Save the current document: Ctrl+S
  • Print the current document: Ctrl+P
  • Copy the selected text into the clipboard: Ctrl+C
  • Cut the selected text into the clipboard: Ctrl+X
  • Paste from the clipboard: Ctrl+V

18 thoughts on “Application Shortcut Keys”

  1. HI
    I want to make some keys on the key broad stop functioning.Example when somebody presses f5 nothing should happen. In the same way i want to bring back the same function again whenever i want to .Can u please help me with this.I want this program so bad.It is usefull for my business.I know we can do that, but i barely remember. Please help me.

  2. Norma, sorry that I can’t help you unless you tell me which key you’re confused by.

    Hans, on many computers, you can configure the power button (on the laptop or desktop) to be a stand by button. Failing that, try Ctrl+Alt+Del, then press S to Shut Down, use the up and down arrows until you find Hibernate, then press Enter.

  3. I would love to use F7 for spellcheck, but nothing happens when I tap it. Could it be disabled somehow? And if so, how would I enable it? Thanks!

    PS – Your website is so helpful to this newbie!!

  4. I can not return to the regular keystrokes on my laptop. Some how I have activated the function(?) that allows me to type a (*) instead of p. I would like to return to normal. The lower letters are displayed- o istead of m. Please help me resolve this ?

  5. Denise, which program are you using when you try F7 and it doesn’t work? Not every program has spell check, unfortunately. Try it in Word.

    cporche, I think this is going to depend on your keyboard. Perhaps you’ve hit the Fn lock key on your laptop?

  6. i have almost the same problem as cporche only thing is that if i hit one of the letters with a # next to it doent type and the letter only types when i am holding the fn button down how an i fix this?

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  7. I want to create a shortcut that allows a pre-estabished line or two of text to appear. For instance, have the abilty to anwer a frequently asked e-mail question with a2-3 key stroke custom shortcut.


  9. Does anyone know if there are keyboard shortcut keys for formatting in PowerPoint using a Mac running the Leopard OS? Am getting so tired of having to mouse using the formatting palette … No shortcut keys shown in the dropdown format menu. I know the basic shortcut keys, I’m trying to find the formatting shortcuts – if they exist for the Mac version of ppt. Ready to go back to my PC just to use the keyboard instead of the mouse.

  10. When i use certain keys they make shortcuts happen and i cannot use them to write my password in,how do i make the keys no longer shortcuts i have an Acer5600 series,using windows7,Like when i write a name,when the R is pressed it opens the run window….Is there anyway to disable the shortcut keys……Plz help..xx

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